Bonjour! Welcome to cooking and life in France!

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Cooking locally and seasonally is my philosophy – I copied it from the French who know that the closer food is raised to where it is cooked, the better it will taste. At On Rue Tatin, I put this philosophy into action daily, teaching you to cook with the finest ingredients produced on farms within twenty minutes of my gorgeous kitchen.

I teach you techniques and tips, too, learned from my years of cooking in French professional and home kitchens. And there’s much more - you’ll meet the producer - in fact you’ll meet many of them either at the farmers’ market, or at the table in my timbered dining room where we’ll enjoy meals we’ve made together. You’ll sip amazing wines from the finest small wineries in France; you’ll taste cheeses the likes of which will make you dream of them for years to come. You’ll, quite simply, be in the heart of France at On Rue Tatin, with all of its delicious flavors, aromas and rhythms.

Come join me.

“I spent the best week of my life with Susan at On Rue Tatin!” Joy, England.

"I've never laughed so hard nor learned so much," Denise, Colorado

"My cooking has changed forever. I do more of it, and everything tastes so much better. Thank you, Susan!" Sheila, Iowa