For those of you who  want to create fabulous French meals, hang on!  I’m coming to the U.S. to teach you! I’ll be in four different and amazing U.S. locations this year, starting with Miami in January, and Seattle in February.

Three classes, three days, three gorgeous meals, and you walk away with amazing recipes, new ideas about wine pairings and cheese choices, all manner of secrets and tips, and the confidence to create meals in your kitchen that will wow your family and friends!

We’ll focus on the classics, updated, and find whole new ways of bringing France into the kitchen and onto the table!  We’ll use the finest local ingredients, transforming them simply and easily into beautiful

There is an early-bird special: The three day class price is normally $1200, but if you sign up by December 25, we’ll give you a special holiday price of $1,000. The evening class is $400, the special price  $340.

So don’t wait, sign up now   Make this the Christmas gift of all Time!
If you have questions, email

Miami – January 16-18, 2016
Seattle (Mercer Island) – February 8-10, 2016
Los Angeles – TBD
Asheville – October 18-20

Bon Appétit, and see you soon.


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6 Responses to A Great Christmas Gift – Cooking French in Miami, the Pacific Northwest, and More

  1. Anita C. Lee says:

    Sigh… Just seeing this picture in our–oops, YOUR kitchen makes me want to be back there. I hope things are going well for you. If you get to the SW there’s a bed for you at our house in Albuquerque. Much love, Anita

  2. Will says:


    Don’t forget Manhattan!

  3. Diane Dion says:

    Any chance for Boston, Susan? I know it’s not Paris, but . . .

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