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I love them all of course, but breakfast is my favorite.  There is something so fresh and new about it.   I find it fresh, because my favorite consists of freshly baked bread, fresh and lightly salted butter, and fresh coffee which fills the downstairs with its toasty aroma.  It is new because it signals the beginning of a new day.

New isn’t actually accurate in my case, though, because I eat breakfast around 10 a.m.   I’m up long before then, to get my daughter off to school before 8 a.m, after her favorite breakfast of thinly sliced cheese, fresh fruit, bread, and Chai tea. I accompany her with milky tea, then once she’s out the door, I’m in my office working until, suddenly, I’m hungry.  No, I’m starving.

That’s when I indulge.  I make that big bowl of steaming coffee, slather bread with butter, dab on  jam (my current favorite is bitter orange marmalade that I made in February), and dunk the resulting “tartine” into the coffee. Bad manners, perhaps, but very French and absolutely scrumptious.

Weekend breakfasts vary because we take our time, and it seems that everyone wants something a bit different. We have the thinly sliced cheese, and whatever is fresh from the market, which always includes crackling fresh bread, perhaps spring rolls stuffed with crisp bean sprouts and shrimp or, lately, gorgeous juicy strawberries and milky fresh goat cheese.   The creamy goat cheese is perfect with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of Voatsiperifery pepper, or with a dab of jam, or with a dusting of vanilla sugar.  Slice berries on top of that and you’ve got a bit of heaven on a plate.

A recent post-market breakfast of fromage blanc with berries, pastries, fresh goat cheese and local strawberries.

A recent post-market breakfast of fromage blanc with berries, pastries, fresh goat cheese and local strawberries.

Which brings up another thing about breakfast.  It’s the only meal that is personalized.  While I’d balk at serving different main courses to different diners at dinner, I never flinch at the idea of different drinks and different tastes for breakfast. Everyone gets what they want, and it all comes to the table for a simple but glorious beginning to the day.

And you?  What do you have for breakfast?

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10 Responses to Favorite Meal of the Day

  1. Eve Fox says:

    Mmmmm. I adore breakfast, too. I’m with you on the coffee and toast and also love fresh fruit. Occasionally, we splurge on some pastries from the farmers’ market. What sort of cheese does your daughter like best?

  2. nancy shaver says:

    Sparkling description of the most personal meal of the day. I love breakfast as well.
    Breakfast for me–
    Tazo tea..”.Awake”–berries or bananas or other fruit topped with thinned greek yogurt (with water)– love the taste of greek yogurt , just not the texture in the morning…topped with a little granola–and a drizzle of maple syrup.

  3. susan edwards says:

    i so look forward to breakfast. JJBean coffee from here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and half a bagel from Safeway at Broadway and Commercial (the only bagels that will do) heated in the oven, then butter, peanut butter and honey. Then the special porridge: half red river cereal and half oatmeal cooked with dried cranberries, walnuts, cut up apple and chia seeds (that was the combination this morning). My daughter makes a wonderful breakfast drink in the blender with spinach, flax seeds, almond butter, raspberries, banana and when i’m with her she gives me a small glass. just love the inspiration of your posts.

  4. Ann Meads says:

    We are enjoying the fresh cape cod strawberries this weekend

  5. Joe Fajerman says:

    I make my own bagels and have them for Sunday lunch with smoked salmon. breakfast is usually porridge except Saturdays. Friday eve we light the shabat candles sip a tiny amount of wine and nibble a bit of (home made) challah roll – these are the same dough as bagels, but not boiled. Sat morn we have the rest of the rolls with various things – marmite, peanut butter, a variety of cheese, jammy stuff & so on.

  6. sylvie says:

    It really depends on the season..
    during summer months…I love fresh fruit ( berries!!) with Greek yoghurt and some granola…or just a simple smoothie with fruits from the market…during winter I love soulfood like a steaming porridge…I always have plums with cinnamom and spices or Bramley apple bits canned that I add to it.
    Weekend breakfasts consits of crispy baguettes from our French bakery with butter and homemade jam…at the moment I’m fallen in love with my gooseberry jam I made last week..

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