New York was snowy, then it was sunny and warm, then it was steamy with rain.  And then it was freezing and clear.

I don’t care. Whatever the weather, it couldn’t be better. I’m here with my children. 

The best sights? There were so many….

Tree at the Public Library

Tree at the Public Library

The gazillion gorgeous Christmas trees.

The foyer of the New York Public Library.

Kids fighting the tree home

Kids fighting the tree home

Watching the kids goof around.



Mathilda the cat at the Algonquin.

Door detail, J. Loomis, Institute of Classical ArchitectureThe end of semester opening at the Institute of Classical Architecture on 40th St.

Rockefeller Center

The Bethesda Fountain at Central Park, to the tune of Christmas Carols.

Hot chocolate while freezing at Bryant Park on Christmas night


The best tastes?

Hands-down, every single dish we tasted at my friend Andy Ricker’s restaurant, Pok Pok.

A Cuban sandwich in midtown.

Laura’s Christmas coffee cake

Empanadas in Queens.

A snowball from Empire Bakery.

Fiona with berry bubble tea

Fiona with berry bubble tea

Berry Bubble Tea in Chinatown.



Jalea (Peruvian Fried Fish with Lime Marinated Onions)

Joe’s Hot Chocolate

Foie gras for Christmas

Chocolate Ice Box cake at Adam and Martha’s


The best shops?

Pearl River Mart Inc.

Saks – For Décor



Macy’s – For Sparkle

The Christmas market at Union Square

DSW – For lessons on how to walk in mile-high heels

(We’re not great shoppers….!)

The best feeling?

This one is easy.  Christmas.






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10 Responses to New York Christmas

  1. Susan Edwards says:

    Just love your description and tour of New York festive places and experiences. Once I was there to see the big tree in Rockefeller Plaza and a little boy was with his mother. She said “Isn’t the tree beautiful”? And he replied in a loud voice, “I hate it!” Hilarious and memorable. Have a wonderful holiday.

    • Susan says:


      I have to say that was not my daughter’s response. She was enchanted. Easy enchantment, yes, but still…I have more photos of New York Christmas trees on my computer than I do keys on my keyboard! Happy Holidays!

  2. Looks like a fabulous Christmas for you and your family! So glad you are enjoying New York.

  3. Oh Susan, Your angle on a Christmas with your kids in NYC is so savory. I have come to catch a glimpse of you and what you are up to and your exciting champagne plans for the new year. It all looks so good. We need a chat but I am so happy peeking in. xx Lucinda

    • Susan says:

      Hi Lulu,

      How great to hear from you! I too keep up on you, sort of, through facebook so I know you’re well and having fun. Champagne will be mahvelous!!!!


  4. I love New York at Christmas. It is sch an experience and I never get enough of it.

    • Susan says:

      I would have to agree with you on that. The way the city dresses up is phenomenal, and everyone is so happy!
      Thanks for writing.

  5. octobersong says:

    I just wanted to say how glad I am to have discovered your blog. I used to really enjoy reading your columns on the old Epicurious site. They made me want to hop on a plane to France!

    • Susan says:

      Well, thankyou! Those columns were so much fun to write; so is this blog! I welcome you and look forward to lots of conversation. Happy New Year.

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