As an independently employed person, constant work is my blessing and my curse.  It’s a blessing because I get paid to do what I adore and am passionate about. It is a curse because I always have homework.

prague panoramaWhen I was invited to Prague recently, I probably should have said no because I have a lot of homework.  But I’m disciplined, and I know that I can shut out everything and get work done.  So, I said “Yes!” with the caveat that I would work in the mornings, and save the rest of the waking hours for sightseeing.

Salle Vladislav at the Chateau de Prague. No visible means of support.  And no cameras.  But lots of telephones.

Salle Vladislav at the Chateau de Prague. No visible means of support. And no cameras. But lots of telephones.

Well, prevarication is another blessing/curse of the independently employed life.  My intent was pure as the driven snow. But faced with the fancifully resplendent architecture of Prague, the kind people, the vintage Czech garnets and crystal winking from every window, the ancient cobbled streets and the palpable history, I avoided a certain truth.



Dining room, Café Imperial

Dining room, Cafe Imperial

Trdelnik in the background, hot off the coals.

Trdelnik in the background, hot off the coals.

Making Trdlenik

Making Trdlenik

Wild Boar and Spaetzle

Wild Boar and Spaetzle

I worked, of course I did, slipping in emails and paragrahs, researching obscure subjects while the sun shone outside and the smells of grilling pork filled the air.  But I didn’t work as much as I might have and I now have more homework than ever.

The moral of this tale?  None, really, except that homework and prevarication are simply the window dressings of a certain freedom.  Sometimes they seem a high price to pay, but freedom has never come cheap.

And as a P.S., if you’re invited to visit Prague, say yes.  You’ll get your homework done.





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6 Responses to Prague and Prevarication

  1. You have such a beautiful setting in which to do your research. Good to hear from you – what beautiful pictures!

  2. ANN MEADS says:

    Any friends in Provence teaching cooking classes from September 20 to 30 2014??

  3. Bunnie Beardsley says:

    Oh, on this 11 degree day along the snowy shores of Lake Ontario, your pictures were delightful and the food looks fabulous! It’s a day here for a kettle of soup. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for sharing, love your blog!

    • Susan says:

      Bunnie! Thank you!
      Yes, a great suggestion is grilled pork sausages a la Pragueoise, with gorgeous dumpling and a great green salad. I don’t have a dumpling recipe yet, sorry to say, but I bet you could figure out something! A kettle of soup sounds pretty good too – what about sausage soup with red bell peppers and lots of spice?

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