ON RUE TATIN will be for rent as of JANUARY 1, 2018!!

I’ve just said goodbye to the latest lovely renters who enjoyed On Rue Tatin, after listening to  all of the marvelous things they experienced while living here.  From one end of Normandy to the other and beyond, they know it, they’ve lived it, they’ll never let it go!  As Carol said “When I read your book then met you, this experience just “spoke” to me!”

 From Susan’s book, On Rue Tatin….

Susan Loomis arrived in Paris twenty years ago with little more than a student loan and the contents of a suitcase to sustain her. But what began then as an apprenticeship at La Varenne École de Cuisine evolved into a lifelong immersion in French cuisine and culture, culminating in permanent residency in 1994. On Rue Tatin chronicles her journey to an ancient little street in Louviers, one of Normandy’s most picturesque towns. Get your copy of this marvelous book

I predict the conversation will never end, for as those of you who have read On Rue Tatin and keep in touch,  it “spoke” to me as well, and has continued to do so in the most gracious way possible.  Living here was my dream, and now it can be yours as well.

On Rue Tatin is situated in the center of Louviers. Directly across the church is the “collegiale” which is the name for a church that looks like, but isn’t, a cathedral.  Bustling cafes dot the streets, there are five incredible bakeries within a three minute walk, and the renowned farmers’ market is around the corner.  Charming, family-owned restaurants are peppered throughout the town center, with others a short drive away in neighboring towns, or the countryside.

Louviers is ideally situated to visit Bayeaux and the landing beaches, Honfleur, Etretat, Deauville, Trouville, Cabourg and all the other lovely seaside Norman towns. It’s a stone’s throw from Monet’s home at Giverny to the east, and Rouen with it’s towering Cathedral, chic boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants to the Northwest.  The Loire Valley is two hours away, and Paris is an hour by train or by car.  It’s location is the reason I live here – urban life and country life meld here in the most perfect way.

As Carol just said to me, she “lived like a local” while at On Rue Tatin, buying wine from the shop next door, getting to know butcher and baker, nearly crying when she said goodbye to her favorite restaurant.  So, come take advantage of the France and French life and “live like a local”.

Fully Furnished and Ready to Move In

ON RUE TATIN is rented fully furnished, (without personal effects of course), including linens, great kitchen equipment, and everything you’ll want for a wonderful visit, including an adorable cat named Coco whom everyone, threatens to put in their suitcase!    All you need is the key.

Rental of On Rue Tatin is for a two-week minimum.

Available months for now are January, February and possibly March 2018; July, August, October, November 2018.

For price, terms, and more complete information, please contact cookingclasses@susanloomis.com


4 double bedrooms
2 full baths
1 powder room
Dining/Living Room
Entryway/Sitting Room
Professional Kitchen with gas stove
2 great fireplaces
1 wood stove
Outdoor Grills
Small, beautiful, private  garden filled with fresh herbs
A bi-weekly farmers’ market around the corner, butcher, baker, wine shop, fromagerie all within walking distance.
Free street parking
Free organ concerts that waft out the church doors on a regular basis!

For terms and more complete information, please contact cookingclasses@susanloomis.com



Ready to take up residence at On Rue Tatin?

Let’s talk!  Email for more availability for the dates you want and more information.  susan@susanloomis.com


1) The New York Times journalist, Robert P. Walzer wrote about the house in his article, “In France, a Labyrinth of a House” on February 17, 2009.

2) Jennifer Worick, author, publishing consultant and public speaker, writes about her week On Rue Tatin: “The Season of the Witch — Susan Herrmann Loomis’ cooking school in Normandy, was downright magical. I’m not kidding.


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27 Responses to ON RUE TATIN FOR RENT

  1. Eve Fox says:

    Where are you going?!

  2. Anita C. Lee says:

    Ahhh…those pictures bring back so many good memories of our two weeks spent there last summer. Hope to see you when we pass through Louvier next October.

  3. Amy Breshears says:

    That looks like a dream!!

  4. Heather Z says:

    WOW sounds wonderful!! How much is the rent? And are the utilities/wifi included in the rent or extra? … If so, how much per month? Thanks!!

  5. A dream place! How nice to give cooking lessons

  6. Julie White says:

    Only IF money were no object. How perfect…a whole year. Wishing only the very best to you as you probably do some exploring and eating! Am presently on my third run through In A French Kitchen. Love it as well as 3 others you’ve penned.

  7. Will says:


    My dinner party turned out great! Thank you for all your advice! I’m looking forward to hearing more about ‘The Year of Living Dangerously’.

  8. ANAHI says:

    how much per month? Thanks!! lovely house and life.

  9. Dorothy Guzzwell says:

    Susan! Just learned about your magnificent culinary work from a friend & wish you great adventures this year….we live on an Island outside of Seattle and would love to meet you if our familiar Northwest is on your itinerary.
    We are also world sailors in our own sailboat and would so enjoy discussing “cooking around the oceans” with you!
    Let me know where I can send you our phone & address information
    Dorothy & John Guzzwell

  10. Kelly Lytle says:

    What a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I can’t imagine a more special place to escape.

  11. Carol Guess says:

    Looking forward to our rental of On Rue Tatin this September !! So excited ! Carol, La Jolla

  12. susie day says:

    what is the price and months available?

  13. Beverley Charnley says:

    Is there a schedule of price

  14. Hi Susan,
    I met you years ago while I was living in Aix. I visited you with my friend Kathy, also from Aix. Your house so warm and beautiful – I remember it well! Please send info for rental – would be fun to come back and spend time getting to know a different part of France!

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