Bonjour! Welcome to cooking and life in France

If you’ve dreamed of learning the tips, techniques, and tricks of a professional cook, you are in the right place!

With Susan Herrmann Loomis, author of fourteen best-selling books about food, and founder of On Rue Tatin cooking school, you will enter a delicious world as you coax flavor from the finest seasonal, locally produced ingredients. 

Susan’s classes range from focused workshops, classes revolving around regions and hearty traditions, to classes that will teach you French Haute Cuisine elegance and refinement.

Susan’s philosophy is based on the tradition, elegance, and simplicity that is French culture and cuisine. She shares it with you, as you immerse yourself in all that is delicious in France.

It’s here and causing a sensation!!!! See what the press is saying! My latest book, FRENCH GRILL!  Find it, share it, use it, give it to your girl and your boyfriends, your kids and your parents!  They’ll love it.

Available online and at your local bookstores.  It’s for all the people in your life who, like me, love to grill!  

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