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Bonjour! Welcome to cooking and life in France. This site is currently on standby; see below where you can me, similar content, and much more!

On Rue Tatin is currently on hiatus; please join me at my new platform  Dancing Tomatoes! You’ll find loads of content, and can keep in touch with me there. I can’t wait to see you!

Cooking locally and seasonally is my philosophy – I copied it from the French who consider it the key to everything good at the table.

Until mid-June, however, I will be on sabbatical and not teaching, either in Louviers or Paris. Forgive my tardy replies to your mails, do not lose heart, I will look forward to seeing you soon. Meanwhile, I will resolutely and with delight respond to you, but I ask for your patience!

Together, we put this little French secret to work at On Rue Tatin in Normandy and Paris to make fantastic meals. We combine it with time-honored techniques and tips. We add gracious, authentic lifestyle and joie de vivre, lots of warmth, some colorful markets, laughter and voila! You’re living the French life in the heart of a beautiful French town. And all of that is what you’ll take home with you, along with a basketful of cooking wealth and confidence.

From food to wine, people to atmosphere, your time at On Rue Tatin will be unforgettable. And that is my goal for you!

“I spent the best week of my life with Susan at On Rue Tatin!” Joy, England.

“I’ve never laughed so hard nor learned so much,” Denise, Colorado

“My cooking has changed forever. I do more of it, and everything tastes so much better. Thank you, Susan!” Sheila, Iowa

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Caffeine Time

Susan October 25, 2020
Time still feels different but gone is the molasses. Enter the caffeine, as days become achingly short. They’re naturally short  because of the season. But...

Molasses Time

Susan July 10, 2020
Molasses time. That’s what I’m calling this moment post-confinment. Or as the French say, “déconfinement”.  Someday someone will explain to the world in a precise...

Summer Time and the Grilling is Easy

Susan July 1, 2020
  It's high time, past time, good time to grill your summer meals, as many of you already have.  Here, we are as tomatoes begin...


Basque Lamb and Pepper Stew

Susan October 25, 2020
Basque Lamb and Pepper Stew - - red bell peppers (cored, seeded, cut into ½-inch (1.25cm) pieces), olive oil, leg of lamb (bone removed, cut...

Molasses Cookies

Susan July 10, 2020
MY GRANDMOTHER’S MOLASSES COOKIES - - all-purpose flour, large pinch fine sea salt, ground cinnamon (preferably Vietnamese), ground ginger, unsalted butter at room temperature, dark...

Grilled Peaches with Orange Flower Water

Susan July 1, 2020

Grilled Bread with Smashed Tomatoes

Susan July 1, 2020
Grilled Bread with Smashed Tomatoes - - olive oil (or to taste), to 2 fat cloves garlic (peeled), ripe tomatoes (cut in half), Fleur de...


Susan May 16, 2020
https://onruetatin.com/recipe/tender-tart-pastry-pate-brisee/Pissaladière - - onions (peeled and thinly sliced), olive oil, Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, One 9-1/2-inch ; 24cm tart shell (made with...

Tender Bread Dough

Susan May 16, 2020
TENDER BREAD DOUGH - PATE A PAIN TENDR - This is a no-fail recipe that makes a tender, light loaf. I use it as a...


Susan May 16, 2020
Flammekueche - - onion (sliced paper thin), fresh cheese (fromage blanc), crème fraîche, Fine sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, of freshly ground nutmeg,...

Tender Tart Pastry – Pâte Brisée

Susan April 21, 2020
Tender Tart Pastry - Pâte Brisée - - all-purpose flour, sea salt, unsalted butter (chilled and cut into 12 pieces,), ice water, ; - -...

Leek Quiche

Susan April 20, 2020
LEEK QUICHE - QUICHE AUX POIREAUX - SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: glass or metal pie plate measuring 10-1/2 (26.25cm). If all you have is a removeable bottom...

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