Life is Nuts

Life is nuts … it really is.  I’m running my own cooking school here in Normandy, working on publicity for Nuts in the Kitchen,  writing articles, creating menus for, being a mother to my two children, keeping a four-hundred-year old Norman home standing, managing pets, and every now and then I just think … well, the title says it all.

Then I’m thinking about this blog and wanting it to be lively, interesting, useful, and maybe occasionally funny.  It needs illustrations, no doubt about that, so I was casting through my photographs to find one that would relate to the idea of Life is Nuts.  I stumbled upon one which fit the bill – a couple of nuts standing in my own kitchen.  These are my kids who, one afternoon, decided together they’d see how long it took me to notice their transformation … into nuts.

Because I was cooking dinner – which absorbs me completely each time I do it – it took me awhile. When I looked up and saw them I dissolved into laughter, then grabbed the camera. When life gets too nuts, I just look at the photo and everything falls into perspective.

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