Life is Nuts

Life is nuts … it really is.  I’m running my own cooking school here in Normandy, working on publicity for Nuts in the Kitchen,  writing articles, creating menus for, being a mother to my two children, keeping a four-hundred-year old Norman home standing, managing pets, and every now and then I just think … well, the title says it all.

Then I’m thinking about this blog and wanting it to be lively, interesting, useful, and maybe occasionally funny.  It needs illustrations, no doubt about that, so I was casting through my photographs to find one that would relate to the idea of Life is Nuts.  I stumbled upon one which fit the bill – a couple of nuts standing in my own kitchen.  These are my kids who, one afternoon, decided together they’d see how long it took me to notice their transformation … into nuts.

Because I was cooking dinner – which absorbs me completely each time I do it – it took me awhile. When I looked up and saw them I dissolved into laughter, then grabbed the camera. When life gets too nuts, I just look at the photo and everything falls into perspective.

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  1. Nancy Hartill

    I saw your tours and comments on FB and thought I’d take a gander at your new blog. As a travel agent myself, I am very interested in what you have to offer in the culinary line and what I could do to include your classes while clients visit France on their way thru my favorite areas of the French Riviera and Provence. Your nut articles are refreshing. My husband has been hounding me to get more nuts to improve his fingernail splitting condition, and I need to get more walnuts to fill in the scratches that disappear when you rub them into the blemish. I applaud your blog. I’m getting my own website together and it is in its infancy. Perhaps we can work together on a project sometime.

  2. Amy Mauldin

    Susan ~ I love your blog already. It makes so much sense for you to have one, but I don’t know how you fit all you do into your life. You really must be nuts! And I mean that in the nicest way. If you do come to Nashville to promote your book, you could stay at our house. We have two extra bedrooms upstairs not being used, since two of our guys are in Charleston. Call us anytime. Can’t wait to see the new book, and I’ll definitely keep up with your blog.

  3. Mary Ellen ONeill

    I love this blog! Can’t wait for more photos of you, your kids, your house and school. Perhaps you’ll post of photo of me in your kitchen, or your yard, in the sunshine, eating lovely, nutty things. But first that needs to actually happen…
    Congrats! Keep ’em coming.

  4. Suzie Allen

    Susan! I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since I visited On Rue Tatin! I’m excited about the new book, and hope to look for you on tour. Suzie Allen

  5. Jenny from Kentucky

    LOVE the kids and their glasses! hehe very cute!!!

    Your blog is great!


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