Nuts in the Kitchen Can Be Considered a Metaphor

Nuts in the Kitchen can be considered a metaphor, I was thinking not long ago as I was rolling fat, delicious cod fillets in a blend of ground nuts, flour, a pinch of salt and some hot paprika. It’s one of my kids’ favorites, and the way I first got them interested in eating fish. I love it too – it turns out nice and crisp, it’s light and delicate tasting, and wholly satisfying. Any reluctant fish eater will gobble it up as if it were chocolate chip cookies.

In any case, there I am rolling the cod fillets, sauteeing a little green cabbage with some shallots and some grated cauliflower with garlic, and thinking how lovely this moment is. My kids are both home, they’re busy now in front of a movie but we’ll soon have supper together, a fire is burning in the fireplace, the edge of chill is off the kitchen. I’ve just put brownies in the oven, and the smells are intoxicating. I’m not sure what makes me look up from my tasks, but when I do I see, standing in front of the fire, those two kids I thought were in the dining room. They’ve got on goofball glasses that make them look like têtes à claques.

They’re just standing there, casual as can be, talking with each other. I dissolve in laughter as they started dancing around to the Blues Brothers that Fiona inserts into the CD player. A couple of nuts in the kitchen. What’s the metaphor? In my world, at least, all of life is in the kitchen.

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  1. Lolo

    Ha! Great picture of the kids!!! Congrats on the new book sweetie! Can’t wait to pick up a copy, but will wait ’til you are here to sign it. May just drive down to Portland, or wherever for that!

    Hope you are well…
    Lots of great Love,

  2. Fan of Gruel

    I just read “On Rue Tatin” — wonderful book! Can’t wait to read your latest…although my daughter is deathly allergic to nuts, so I’ll just be reading this one, not cooking from it. 🙁

    I’ve never prepared cauliflower by grating it…can you share how you prepare it?

  3. Elena Hanson

    Hello Susan, I can’t wait for your new book; I always enjoy your books so much for the stories and the recipes in them. We lived in Northern France for three years and learned to experience the food and the country, somewhat as you did. Some of our house remodeling and our son’s school experiences paralleled yours, so your “Tarte Tatin” and “On Rue Tatin” caused me a lot of nostalgia. I tell all my friends who plan to visit France to read your books before they go so they can understand the country’s peculiarities and the food better. Your blog comments are very enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

  4. Roz

    You will be a wonderful blogger because you already write in a down to earth way that is required of most blogs – they are kind of public diaries and better than twittering – in my opinion

  5. Evelyn Curtis

    Dear Susan, Your letter and Nuts in the Kitchen was like a breath of fresh air this morning. We have sunshine and blue skies in Suffolk, England, where I live. It’s been a horrendous past 10 months for my husband and I – in Nov 2009 he was rushed off to hospital for emergency surgery for bowel cancer, then it was discovered he also had cancer of the liver, and…. we were in the middle of a move from Suffolk to Norfolk. Our buyers let us down at the 11th hour, and jetted off to New Zealand as contracts were about to be exchanged, so sale collapsed. We now have 2 buyers, both sets lovely people, but just as one sale was going through, the other set of buyers are able to complete in six weeks’ time and do not have to sell their house. Couldn’t be better, but now we the first couple, devastated they have lost our house, and I feel so sad for them, but what can one do. I’ve got that off my chest.

    Now cooking, I made the Yoghurt Cake taken from your book On Rue Tatin – the first it turned out super, rose a little and the texture was just right. Last week end I made another and it turned out flat and heavy, with seams of heaviness running through the cake. Could it be that I put too much yoghurt in it, or maybe I didn’t beat the eggs enough, or folded the stiff egg whites in too quickly? I am going to have another go this w/e.

    I can’t wait to get your new book ‘nuts in the kitchen, and have read your blog – you are a natural Susan, not many of them about these days. I shall look out for it on Amazon, and I guess it will take time to get into Great Britain bookshops. The cover of your new book looks so inviting. Incidentally, I have all your books, got them through Amazon and I plan to cook the Braised Farmhouse Chicken from your French Farmhouse cookbook, which I have.

    au revoir dear Susan, Evelyn Curtis

  6. nutsin

    Well thank you all for the comments. It is good to feel like a nascent blogger. Now, to get those camera skills up to date!


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