On Rue Tatin Goin’ Back to the U.S.A.

In a few weeks I will be back in one of my favorite places in the U.S., Asheville, North Carolina? What makes Asheville so special? For me, it is everything from flourishing farmers’ markets to an exceptional food scene that offers some of the finest ingredients on the East Coast.  That’s what makes Asheville special, not to mention good friends and delicious great times!

This year I will be offering a whole new French menu based on late summer ingredients straight from the farm.  We will cook and taste to our hearts’ content, visit at least one producer, and by the end of our three days together we’ll not only have shared and laughed and cooked delicious French food, but we’ll all have a deeper understanding of this exceptional area.

In November I return once again to the U.S. , this time to Dallas, where Elizabeth New and French Affaires will be my host.  I love Dallas, where a deep love for France and French food go hand in hand. I’m doubly thrilled to be going there because being hosted by Elizabeth, whose Francophile programs that include sojourns in Paris and beyond, is a privilege and certain pleasure.

Our Dallas classes will focus on local ingredients and will feature classic and contemporary French dishes oriented – but not exclusive – to the holidays. 

 Menus at both classes will reflect the locale and the seasons; each will be different, each will be excitingly refreshing, and each offers more enjoyment than you can imagine.  Join me at On Rue Tatin for French cooking classes in the U.S. either one or the other – we’ve got just a couple of spots left!

 A bientôt!



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