Seasonal Market Finds

My market basket is overflowing with green beans, summer peas, a huge bouquet of basil, and radishes that offer all crunchy flavor and no spicy bite.  I’ve got some small potatoes, a bouquet of juicy white onions, and a few heads of garlic.  Alongside all of this are the heirloom tomatoes, along with some of the most fragrant – and fragile –  peaches and white nectarines.  It’s a feast in a basket, a weeks’ worth of summer offerings which presage some gorgeous meals.

As I cook, I’m tweaking and creating recipes for upcoming classes.  I can’t wait to try them with you all – from the latest offering of tomato tubes with mozzarella (you’ll have to come see for yourself), to a contemporary take on a French classic recipe, Croque Monsieur, to a panoply of others that will surprise and delight, and make the most of local and seasonal produce.

Can’t wait to cook with you!  See you soon!

Happy cooks at On Rue Tatin!



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