It’s a Tomato Summer

Summer Lunch

More tomatoes.  It is simply impossible to stop eating them, they’re so rich, sweet, delicious, juicy.  I even served some after dinner the other evening, as a palate refresher.  It was still warm outside though the stars were out, and I passed around a plate of colorful slices.  Everyone agreed they were as sweet as melon, as refreshing as sorbet.

Today at lunch, one gigantic tomato did the job.  I sliced it, made a pesto with basil, garlic, Parmigiano Reggiano, some Dukkah (a mix of nuts and spice), and plenty of extra-virgin olive oil drizzled over all.  Kissed by the heat of our very own French heat wave, the tomato was extraordinarily satisfying, both meaty and juicy,  a meal on a plate!

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