Bad Food Day

Bad Food Day                       


This is what I wish I’d had on my airplane tray….

Each day cannot all be perfect, and today wasn’t.  It’s no surprise. I spent the day on an airplane.  Sometimes, I arm myself against airline food with toasted almonds, a good bar of dark chocolate, and a fresh baguette.  I also have learned over the years to pre-order a special meal. The Hindu version works well, because it’s curried and imaginative, at least in comparison to the alternative pasta/chicken/beef offering.  

But today I wasn’t even thinking about food for the trip.  Well, that’s not quite correct. I was ONLY thinking about food since the reason for the trip is a cooking class in Asheville, North Carolina, which I look forward to conducting.  My thoughts were ONLY on food; the ingredients I’d be hunting for as soon as I hit the ground.

My seven hours in the air didn’t cross my mind.

But then I got hungry, and found myself looking forward to my ascetic repast.  It came, before anyone else’s.  There is was, a little plastic dish of fruit, a grated vegetable and raisin salad (celery root), and a piece of chicken with red sauce and mashed potatoes, garnished with a big mound of spinach. 

It didn’t look Hindu and it wasn’t. My formula for decent airline food has been severely shaken. I will either have to avoid the airline I took today, or begin again with alternative meal choices until I find another that is palatable. Meanwhile, I’ve got the trip home to think about. I will be well-prepared!



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