French Cooking in Asheville

Mise-en-place right before class

Three days. Eight people.  Beautiful ingredients, delicious wines (all French!), gorgeous kitchen. That was On Rue Tatin in Asheville.  We began our first morning at 10:30, and cooked our way to lunch, which included an impressively delicious chuck roast from the Chop Shop, and a lovely bottle of Peyrossol La Croix Rouge from Table Wines.

Josh Spurling, owner, Table Wines in Asheville

Early the next morning we drove to Farm and Sparrow bakery where owner/baker Dave Bauer had fresh-from-the-wood-oven croissants and pains au chocolat waiting for us, along with loaves of his gorgeous, crusty bread.  We learned about heirloom wheat and grinding, about sourdough and kneading.  We returned to Asheville, with many loaves of bread to scent the car, for another hands-on class and lunch, which included miniature Croques Monsieurs and bouillabaisse with local triggerfish and flounder.

Kristy Poyner putting the finishing touches on Croques Monsieurs!


That evening a group of Asheville cooks came together for a single class, and we cooked our way to a candlelit dinner of delicately marinated chicken with cilantro oil, and a concord grape clafoutis, among other dishes.

Fun in the kitchen!

Our last day  began with a tour of our host’s, Barbra Love, flower and herb garden. After a leisurely lunch, we said our reluctant goodbyes, with promises to see each other in France, and soon.  And now, on to a quick stop in New York, then back home to Louviers.

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