Delicacies when On Rue Tatin comes to Dallas

Stage One Tarte Tatin


Tarte Tatin about to be enjoyed!

Can you smell the caramel? The Butter?  The perfumed apples? 

This is a preview of the Tarte Tatin we’ll make in Dallas next month.  And it’s not the only fabulous dessert we’ll prepare together, drawing on the finest seasonal produce of Texas.  I’ve got a wonderful grapefruit recipe up my sleeve, and the second crops of Texas figs is promising to be fantastic.  And of course we’ll be using pecans!  I cannot wait!

Before dessert there’s the meal, of course, and I’m searching out right now the best local game, poultry, and even some seafood that I’ve heard is better in Texas than anywhere else.  As for vegetables, we’ll get them straight from the farm. 

Along with our meals we’ll sip lovely French wines, learning the fine points of tasting as we go. 

Dallas, the ninth largest city in the U.S., has France in its soul, the southwest in its heart.  The two combine beautifully, and so will all of the meals during our classes at On Rue Tatin in Dallas!  And if you’re a Cowboys fan, you’ll want to extend your visit through the weekend of November 18, because the team is on the field!

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