No Rain in Dallas!

It’s raining in Normandy which means the vegetables and grains in the ground are absorbing all that good water, to yield even more than usual flavor. That’s how we look at the rain here – with a positive eye!

It isn’t raining in Dallas, and that’s where I’m headed in a couple of weeks. There, I’ll teach the French touch with local ingredients, turning gorgeous greens, squash, seafood, wild game and all manner of delicious things into meals to serve before, during, and after the holidays.

Sauteed Squashes and more…

Tarte tatin made with local apples is on the menu; so are chestnuts and mushrooms, which will be combined in a gorgeous first course. Shrimp will figure, as will a beautiful squash sauté with fresh herbs.  While we will try a local wine or two, our focus is French; we’ll have a variety of wines to stimulate your palates, and accompany the dishes you’ve so carefully prepared.

For more information about the Dallas class, and to reserve a spot (we still have a couple of spots open), contact my host Elizabeth New,


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