Delicious Dishes

Slices of chioggia beet, as deliciously mild as they are beautiful.

It’s been a week of gorgeous meals, delicious dishes.  The season makes the difference, as summer ingredients segue into those of fall.  That said, summer cannot quite leave us, while fall cannot quite get in the door.  It’s warm, warm, warm outside one minute, then chilly to the bone the next.  No complaints here, as flowers continue to bloom in the garden, tomatoes still have some summer flavor, and skate wing, broccoli, beets, and other delights of fall and winter delight us with their flavor!

This is the way we used the chioggia beets…with a celery root puree and a selection of other root vegetables.

To make the above, simply slice a selection of root vegetables very thin (use a mandoline), blanch them in salted water and refresh in ice water.  Cook celery root “a blanc” with some lemon and flour, then make a puree.  Confit some shallots.  Paint the vegetable slices with oil from the shallots, so they shine, then arrange them in the pool of celery puree.  Sprinkle with the confit of shallots, and add a parsley leaf or two.  Delish!

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