Thanksgiving Leftovers

We all agree – there is nothing better than Thanksgiving leftovers.  I roast a huge turkey to feed everyone once, and to have plenty of leftovers; one of my Thanksgiving guests who didn’t want to take leftovers home with him just wrote, with tears in his message, “I was thinking about leftovers; I may have […]

Morning Destination

At first light I get on my bicycle, and ride along the river Eure.  The bike path skirts fields and small housing developments, hugs the river, goes under a low bridge which requires a ducked head. This morning, fog hugged the ground, draping around bushes and humps, wrapping steps, skirting atop the water.  The sky […]

Thanksgiving in France

Thanksgiving for our family is celebrated whenever we can.  Sometimes that means mid-December, but this year we were almost right on the mark. The stars aligned so that we could celebrate last Saturday, a bit early but still in line with the Thanksgiving moment. I love Thanksgiving, even more than when I lived in the […]

Thanksgiving Jitters

Judging from the notes I’m receiving, the general panic about how to organize Thanksgiving dinner has settled in. I’m here to offer some basic tips which I hope will help make the meal – and the day – one that affords you, the cook, time to enjoy.  Who knows, you may even be able to […]

Apples Apples Everywhere

Friends recently stopped by with two huge crates of apples that ranged from scrubby green to lush, deep red. When I asked about the varieties I was met with a shrug.  “We don’t know; these trees have always been on the farm,” said Francois Bourdon, who brought them. “Some are for eating, some are for […]

Restaurant L’Itineraire and its Vegetables

The rain has been unbelievable. Paris was submerged the other night, enveloped in a steady drizzle that penetrated everything, including my raincoat, as I walked down Boulevard St. Germain on my way to dinner at L’Itinéraire. I gratefully pushed open the door into the entry where a young waiter greeted me warmly and offered to […]

Coffee Surprise

I just spent a weekend in New York with my son, Joseph.  He works nights at a unique and delicious spot in Brooklyn called Pok Pok, a restaurant specializing in Thai  street food, so we had days together.  The first morning we were up early, not wanting to waste a second.   By the time we […]

Happy Classes and Summer’s End

It’s been a whirlwind of classes in Louviers and Paris for the last many weeks,  and recently in one of my favorite U.S. cities, Asheville.   Each class is so different and so unique, depending on those who come to participate, the nuances of the season and the ingredients, the choice of dishes, the location.  I […]