Helping Hand

So many different organizations do so many great things around food and farming. Here is a short list of places where you can donate. Mercy Corps - "Mercy Corps works…

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Food and Focus
A precious free-range chicken about to become tagine

Food and Focus

  I was reading a piece in the International New York Times by Anand Giridharadas, and a phrase caught my eye. He likened the current moment in the U.S. to…

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L’Ecailleur du Bistrot

I just re-confirmed a favorite restaurant in Paris, L'Ecailleur du Bistrot, not far from la Bastille.   I've posted plenty of dishes from this seafood haven, and after yesterday's lunch…

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Savoir Faire

French know how (savoir faire) was officially recognized today, in a statement by the secretary of state for business, artisanal industries, consumer and social and economic support, Carole DELGA.  With…

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Cutting into Cheese
For a perfect cheese tray, go raw milk and as local as possible. Go creamy to harder, and end with gentle, salty softness, like a Roquefort. Four or five cheeses is plenty - more becomes confusing.

Cutting into Cheese

I see it all the time.  The cheese tray arrives and everyone around the table is in awe. The awe stems from the shape and variety of the cheeses, their aromas…

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