Savoir Faire

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French know how (savoir faire) was officially recognized today, in a statement by the secretary of state for business, artisanal industries, consumer and social and economic support, Carole DELGA.  With great fanfare, she took a huge and official step towards assuring that everything that makes France what it is – cheese making and aging, the creation of new cheeses, small restaurants and their chef/owners, all artistic trades – is highly and officially valued. Not only that, but she stood right up and congratulated all of the roughly 46,000 young people who are, today, learning on the job in what is internationally recognized as one of the finest apprenticeship systems in the world.

With her statement, Ms. DELGA has done much to focus attention on what may well be the strongest part of the French culture.  Bravo!  What does this mean for all of us? Continued great cheeses made and cared for by people who are honored for their work; small restaurants that will shine under the same light, and artisans who can puff up their chests a bit as they do their fine work, for all of us. On a more mundane level, it means that there may be funds available to people in these areas to help them thrive and grow and continue to be the backbone of France.

When France does something good, they get it more right than anyone!


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