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So many different organizations do so many great things around food and farming. Here is a short list of places where you can donate.

Mercy Corps – “Mercy Corps works with families to ensure quality inputs, a good crop yield and a fair price at local markets.   Mercy Corps also makes sure that more than 80% of their donations actually go to people in need, rather than to supporting the organization.”

Farm Family Disaster Fund  –   “your donation to Farm Aid right now will provide emergency funds for families to buy food and cover living expenses and support emergency hotlines and organizations that provide legal, financial and emotional counseling to farm families in need.  Right now, farmers in the western United States are facing devastating losses from extreme drought — including the worst one in California’s history.”

Sustainable Harvest International – “is committed to using every penny possible to support our programs and reach the many families on our waiting list. You can feel confident that your donation has a tremendous impact on farming families in Central America and our planet.”

Freedom From Hunger – “Your tax-deductible holiday gift will help impoverished, hard-working women give their children what they never had—a life free from hunger.”

Heifer International – “Your gift will help provide livestock, seeds, or training to a family struggling with hunger and poverty. We’ll make sure your donation goes to those who need it most.”

Farmer Veteran Association – “The mission of the Farmer Veteran Coalition is to Mobilize Veterans to Feed America. To achieve this we provide small grants, employment opportunities, educational tools and training, women veteran specific programs and most importantly community.”

Veterans Farm –  “Our mission is to help veterans reintegrate back into society through the use of our  Beginning Farmer fellowship program.  Through a 6 month fellowship program veterans will learn how to grow organic fruits and vegetables. After completion veterans will be provided with resources to go out and start their own farms, or to work for larger farming organizations.

National Young Farmers Coalition – “The National Young Farmers Coalition supports practices and policies that will sustain young, independent and prosperous farmers now and in the future.”

Greenhorns Now – “Greenhorns is a seven year old grassroots organization that works to support new farmers in America. Our work is unconventional and various, we focus on event organizing, in person-networking, mixers, celebrations and workshops as well as the production of traditional and new media: radio, documentary film, blog, a book of essays, guidebooks, web-based tools. Our goal over the next generation is to retrofit the food system and to build a thriving agricultural economy, for healthy regions, healthy watersheds, and a healthy farm culture.”

Organic Farming Research Foundation – “Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) aims to foster and improve the widespread adoption of organic farming systems. OFRF cultivates organic research, education, and federal policy that brings more farmers and acreage into organic production.”

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