Dicing and Mincing On Rue Tatin

Dicing and Mincing On Rue Tatin

I know, I know, dicing and mincing seem obvious, but they’re not.  Once you watch this video, you’ll have a couple of tips up your sleeve, and forever more will be a “master chef”!  Enjoy, practice, and find how much more easily you dice and mince.

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  1. Kelly

    Fantastic video Susan!! Love the whole new look!

    1. Susan

      Kelly, Wow, great to hear from you,and thanks!

    1. Susan

      Thank you, Cathy! Are you mincing as we speak?

  2. cathy bennett

    Love the ingenious handle!!!!

    1. Susan

      Ingenious handle….ok, Cathy, what do you mean?!

  3. Lindsay Kinder

    Your shallot technique is great – and I’ve found that when I use it with onions, my tears reduce!

    1. Susan

      That’s an advantage I never noticed…! And a great one.

  4. Yves G.

    I enjoyed this but sadly you are looking very very tired….. non?

    1. Susan

      Uh, well, perhaps I am! I don’t recall being tired!

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