How to Sharpen a Knife and Cut a Chicken Video

How to Sharpen a Knife and Cut a Chicken Video

It’s very simple to keep a great edge on your knives. Do this before you use them each time, then get them sharpened professionally at least once a year! A sharp knife is a great knife.

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  1. ShePaused4Thought

    That is great. I would love to see a video on how to cut rabbit as I always forget. (mental block I am sure)

    1. Susan

      I’ll do one!!!!

  2. elisabethhyde

    I always have trouble with the angle of the knife against the sharpener. How much of an angle do you use?

    1. Susan

      Elisabeth, Great question. The angle is a relatively shallow one, but it’s not the angle that is important; it’s keeping the SAME angle. So, choose your angle, then always use that angle. You cannot overthink this…it’s a “feeling” as the French would say, pronounce “fee-leeng”. Try it on a knife you’re not worried about. You’ll get the hang of it.

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