California, There I Was
Dueling skewers, Diablo, with Chris

California, There I Was

From La Jolla to Del Mar, San Francisco to Diablo, Napa to Roseville, California was such an amazing venu, with such amazing hosts.  Thank you all!


Dueling skewers, Diablo, with Chris
Dueling skewers, Diablo, with Chris
Diablo Class 1, at the Paulson's
Diablo Class 1, at the Paulson’s
Making pate sucree
Making pate sucree in Diablo
Wonderful class at the Langon's, Diablo
Wonderful class at the Langon’s, Diablo
Melon salad at Melissa's
Melon salad at Melissa’s Produce L.A.
Signing at Melissa's Produce in L.A.
Signing at Melissa’s Produce in L.A.
AIWF event in La Jolla, so much fun!
Dinner for In a French Kitchen, La Jolla

and finally, a moment of rest at the Hollywood Bowl.


Au revoir, California, I’ll miss you.

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    1. Susan

      And I miss California!

  1. h golden

    My daughter, Lisa gave me your wonderful new book for my birthday last month. What fun to read and cook out of!!! We are so homesick for France, your blog keeps us informed and not so homesick.

    1. Susan

      Thank you so much! Keep cooking and Bon App!

  2. Betsy

    Fabulous! Now on to the next adventure! Betsy

    1. Susan

      Betsy, Yes, so far it’s in Seattle. Great class at Hot Stove Society last night, amazing!

  3. iolacontessa

    THANK YOU!Lovely to meet you…………I was the tall one at the house with the Oven pre-heat challenge!
    That looks like DUDEMEL………. at the Hollywood bowl!Nice ending.I have made your lamb chops and TODAY am home making your eggplant dish.Safe travels…………….elizabeth

    1. Susan

      Elizabeth, of course I remember you! Good luck, bon appetit, happy cooking!

  4. Sheila

    Susan, the BEST part of hosting your Dinner Class was hanging out together the day of! My girlfriends are already talking about a trip to Normandy so we might just see you again next year!! xoxo Sheila

    1. Susan


      Well, wouldn’t that be a great event?! I am going to just assume that will happen, and start looking forward to it!!!

  5. Julie White

    How wonderful to find your website. A few months ago, I ordered 2 of your books, but I was in the middle of a book and decided to wait to start reading them. Also, have had trouble due to cataracts with reading. But, let me just say that a few days ago I began On Rue Tatin and decided while on the computer today to enter your name. Let me tell you, it was so exciting to see you and the pictures of your home and INSIDE to see where all the action was taking place many years ago. I’m just reading now about the remodeling of the dining room. Love what I’ve read of the book, your storytelling, and, oh, how I wish I could come to your school for a week. Believe me, your cooking classes, trips to the market, possibly visiting Paris – are all at the top of my Bucket List. Wishing you all the best as you do what you love to do.

    1. Susan

      Dear Julie! Well, thank you! I”m so glad you’re enjoying it all.



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