Amazing Asheville Class

Amazing Asheville Class

I taught an amazing class to the most amazing group of people in amazing Asheville.  Let me explain. Asheville has become a sort of “second home” for my classes and for me, as I’ve taught there for many years. It’s wonderful place to teach and be (thank you to my “family” there, the Loves) and it has been called  the “new Portland, Oregon” because it is rife with art, artisans of all sorts, the best bakery in America (Farm and Sparrow), farmers’ markets, and some of the best meat that side of the Atlantic (from Hickory Nut Gap Farm).

I know when I teach in Asheville that everything is the best quality, from the kitchen to the equipment to the ingredients, to the fine people who come to cook with me (yes, that’s all of you featured here!).  And I have family there, so during each visit I am someone’s cousin or aunt which is, indeed, a wonderful thing!

This year, our group of participants made it extra special with fun and zeal to spare!  Here are photos.

Hard at "work"
Hard at “work”
Happy Host
Happy Host
The Love's garden
The Love’s garden
Baker Dave Bauer of Farm and Sparrow with wheat
Baker Dave Bauer of Farm and Sparrow with wheat
At Farm and Sparrow bakery, our favorite field trip
At Farm and Sparrow bakery, our favorite field trip



Steaming chicken
Steaming chicken
Weighing kale
Weighing kale
Making potato galette
Making potato galette
Showing how to slice asparagus
Showing how to trim asparagus
Slicing asparagus with mandoline
Slicing asparagus with mandoline
At work with oranges
At work with oranges
Amuses bouche on the terrace
Amuses bouche on the terrace

And a good time was had by all!

asheville group



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  1. Penny

    I live on Lake Lure, twenty miles from Asheville and agree that it a very special place, especially for foodies. The Chop Shop is on my weekly schedule, as are the wonderful Farmers’ markets. Would love to attend one of your workshops some day.

    1. Susan

      Penny – you would be more than welcome. We have a real mix of Ashevillers and people from around the country. I got the meat at Hickory Nut Gap Farm, and was absolutely astounded by how delicious it was. I recommend it. They have a cute little restaurant there too, and the food is gorgeous.

  2. Jenny Hollis

    Oh, I wish I had been there!! The food looks amazing!! Great photo’s of everyone. Sorry I missed you!

    1. Susan

      Jenny, I wish you’d been there too. Next time!!!

  3. Lucy Vanel

    Gorgeous! The bakers also look in their element. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Susan

      Dave and his crew are the best. Farm and Sparrow bread is some of the best bread I’ve ever tasted. I usually have at least two loaves in my suitcase when I return to France. Something about that local North Caroline turkey wheat….

  4. Alice Davenport McCarthy

    Yes, looks very fun and you had good weather, too. Excellent! my daughter in law went to Asheville to run in a half marathon the week after you all, she loved it!! We are 6-7 hours north in WV. Next year, I hope to join the group!

    1. Susan


      I look forward to it!

  5. Ricky

    Wow, looks very beautiful and tasty. Hope I can join this exciting class.

    1. Susan

      Ricky, I hope you will!

  6. Glenn & Michele

    We just finished attending this Asheville cooking course. I have attended many, but Susan’s is unique. Anyone who has been to her courses will eagerly tell you how wonderful the experience was. Check out any of her books to confirm her ability to present everyday French recipes, done elegantly. In class, she is informative without being pedagogical, and you learn everything from making a potato galette to experiencing an exciting –yes, exciting!-salt tasting. Last night I made her steak and olives recipe—so simple, so fast, and so tasty. We learned to take care in cooking a dish with just the right amount of effort–and without fuss.

    But the course is much more than cooking lessons. During our last meal, a member called it “life changing.” At first it seemed like too bold a comment for a “cooking course,” but I realized that she was right–because the course is not just how to cook, but inspires you to dine–how to live . Our meals were leisurely, and defined a way of living and dining, well described in her books. She led by example—warm, meaningful conversation coupled with the delights of our food. If it is true “you are what you eat,” it must also be true that “you are how you eat. “ Our class became like family over the days we got to know each other.

    Finally, as a bonus, Barbara was the most congenial hostess, who not only was so intelligently helpful with our cooking, but who so generously shared her extraordinary home.

    1. Glenn & Michele


      First sentence reads:

      We just finished attending this Asheville cooking course. I have attended many, but Susan’s is unique.​

      I think it is less confusing if it reads:

      Michele and I just finished attending this Asheville cooking course. I have attended many, but Susan’s is unique.​


      1. Susan

        Ok, this is great!

    2. Susan

      Glenn, thank you so much!!!! What a lovely note. Every minute was a pleasure to me and you were such a wonderful group. I’m so glad you were there, and now you and Michele need to come to Louviers. And I couldn’t agree more with you about Barbra. Pretty soon, she’ll be teaching classes.

  7. Yvette Ivie

    This really does look like a lot of fun! Oh,…Wait,…I was there! Lol. And, yes, it was a blast!! An amazing class, but an even More amazing teacher!! I never knew learning could be so fun (and so delicious:)). As I cook each recipe at home (that we prepared in class) all of the fun memories come back to me! It makes me excited about taking another one of your classes (especially in Louviers)! Thanks for everything Susan & I can’t wait to see you again!

    1. Susan

      Yvette – it was great fun, and looking forward to seeing you in Louviers soon! Glad you’re cooking and I imagine all of your family, friends and neighbors are happy too…!

  8. Zach Smith

    Susan – Thank you so much for this WONDERFUL experience. We truly enjoyed our time in Asheville, and I returned home energized and excited to get back in the kitchen! You will be happy to know that my first weekend back in Saint Louis, I prepared a wonderful meal for my friends. We enjoyed radishes with butter and salt, chicken liver pate, wild mushroom soup, filet of beef with olives and tomato, potato galette, melted rainbow chard, and of course I had to make that delicious chocolate tart again (topped with fresh strawberries nonetheless). I was able to source almost everything locally through my farmers market and butcher, and it made a delicious difference. It was a fabulous meal and everyone enjoyed watching me and my newly acquired skills in the kitchen! I re-read “On Rue Tatin” over the long weekend, and I’ve already started “In a French Kitchen.” There are so many wonderful recipes; I simply do not know where to begin! I hope to see you soon in Louviers…

    1. Susan

      Zach – you sound so excited, which makes me so happy! Keep cooking, Zach, and look forward to seeing you in Louviers for sure!

  9. Sue Lindsay

    Meeting Susan and attending her Asheville Cooking Classes was such a joy!. It was a gift to me from my fiance’ and it truly changed my life. I can’t say enough about the cooking experience with
    Susan – days filled with lots of cooking techniques and turning out fabulous food. Since I have been home I have hardly been out of my kitchen. However I have planted more herbs and vegetables and In my cutting garden more flowers. It was just about everything I love.
    It truly was a gift that keeps on giving.
    Thank you Susan.
    Sue Lindsay

    1. Susan

      Sue, that was beautiful. Thank you and I must say, you have a smart fiance!

  10. Julie Hettiger

    I am trying to contact you regarding the Asheville class.
    If you perhaps remember me,I helped you.
    with some media tours a while ago.
    turns out we have a friend in common,James Nave! I am taking a class with him and he told me about your classes in Asheville. I live in lovely Avl now, escaped from Houston finally.
    I would love to assist you with the classes or perhaps attend.
    Please advise..

    1. Susan

      Dear Julie,

      So nice to hear from you! And lucky you, to live in Asheville. I haven’t established dates for the class yet; stay tuned for them. If you’d like, I’ll put you on the mailing list and you’ll get a notice when the dates are posted. Thanks so much! Susan

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