Fall Classes On Rue Tatin

Fall Classes On Rue Tatin

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Summer is finally here, hot, sunny, breezy, perfect.  I love it but to be honest,  I’m thinking about autumn. Classes will be so much fun this fall, and I want to give you a little preview.

You already know some of the cast and characters of my life from reading my books. This fall you’ll meet many of them. After a morning espresso, we’ll meander through the market where you’ll laugh with the finest local vegetable grower (he supplies all of us AND the local  Michelin starred restaurants); we’ll taste cheeses with the person who made them, sample foie gras straight from the farm, and after a visit to my vaulted wine cellar we’ll sip vintage wines, including those made with loving care by my award winning wine-maker friend, Astrid.  She is likely to join us to say hello and share some of her winemaking secrets.

IMG_1614Summer produce will be at its best through October, joined by apples, pumpkins, chestnuts, and wild mushroom. We’ll take them all into the kitchen where I will teach you cooking secrets you can’t find anywhere else but in this special place.

A week at On Rue Tatin will give you a sound basis in classic French cooking techniques (like roasting a chicken, and hand making the perfect aioli)

You’ll meet local artisans who will share their stories, techniques, and innate Gallic charm with you

You’ll learn the true sense of eating local, seasonal, sustainable food

You’ll discover your hidden talents as we sit down to eat sensational meals that you made

You will leave On Rue Tatin with the desire to get in the kitchen and create meals to share around the table.

Which dates are you interested in?  Learn more about these classes here.

Sign up here, or email Lindsay at cookingclasses@onruetatin.com to secure your space today!

September 28- October 1, 2016
October 12-15, 2016 – Focus: Wine Pairings & Small Plates
October 5-7, 2016 – Focus: Mushrooms
November 2-4, 2016
November 9-12, 2016Focus: French Sauces


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  1. Lindsay

    This sounds delightful! I sure do miss that cast and characters of Louviers! What a special experience.

    1. Susan

      Lindsay – and they miss you!

  2. Debbie Spanfelner

    Hi, Susan. This sounds great!!! I am also interested in taking a few classes all about pastry making. Would you consider this??.Debbie fromBinghamton. Could you add them into the fall schedule??

    1. Susan

      Debbie- we always do quite a bit of pastry in classes. Let’s talk specifics.

  3. Debbie Spanfelner

    Could you offer a class on the cooking of Brittany? This is a region that I adore in addition to Normandy. Debbie

    1. Susan

      Debbie, I could certainly include a lot of recipes from Brittany, what a great idea!

      1. Debbie

        Susan, That makes me so happy! Which classes this fall/winter would you be considering for adding some recipes from Brittany???? By the way, you have one of the best web sites. How is Marie-Claude doing? Please say Hi to her for me. I am excited about her fall clothes.

        1. Susan

          Debbie! Lindsay will be in touch with you asap! I imagine Marie Claude is on vacation – it’s August, everything is closed! Take care.

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