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I cooked for a French family to earn my keep while I studied as an apprentice chef in Paris.  At first, I was completely petrified. Me, cook for French people?!

I’d been an enthusiastic cook since I was a teenager so I dove in. Though I was immersed six days a week in a classic French culinary world learning technique and trying to stay out of yelling range of the chefs, the dishes I made for the family were those I’d been making forever. Julia Child had been my mentor, and so had Francis Moore Lappé, the monks of Tassajara, and Marcella Hazan. It made for an eclectic repertoire.  That the family was vegetarian made my job so easy, since I was as well. I  made millet chili and Asian-style tofu soup with fresh greens, bready pizza covered in melted onions and tomatoes, salads rife with  chickpeas and root vegetables. They loved everything but the tofu.

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Stuck Out My Neck

As my apprenticeship progressed, I stuck out my neck and introduced newly learned French dishes, simple things like quiche, soufflés, koulibiac (well, not so simple…!), brandade de morue. That we are all still friends forty years later speaks to the success of my choices.

Cook With Care and Passion

Looking back on the experience, I realize that what really captivated them was the care, passion, and sharing I put into those initial meals.  My cooking told them a bit about who I was; their enjoyment told me a bit about them. 

When you’re faced with a situation where you’ll be put on the spot, culinarily speaking, make dishes from your heart.  Choose simple things, those that  go over well with a varied public.  You cannot lose

Consider This Too

I can only imagine the amazing delicacies that await the French family from the hands of a Korean-American.  But no matter where you are from, if you cook with authenticity, caring, and love, you will win hearts and palates.   And that goes for pretty much any meal you make.

To seal the deal, consider this:  make a card with the recipe on it for each guest.  and give a copy to each person who comes for dinner. It’s like giving them a cookbook. No matter how many recipes are on the internet, nothing takes the place of a personal experience!

Begin Your Culinary Journey

Which leads me right to my Writing Services. Check them out here; let me know if you want to talk, we’ll schedule a call to see what I can do to get you on your culinary journey!

So Many in the World Need Our Help

So many people need help in our world.  I support the work of World Central Kitchen, who is on the ground feeding hungry people wherever there is a crisis, and beyond. Go here if you would like to support their work.

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