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As an internationally-recognized expert on food and an award-winning journalist/author, I take a unique approach to my craft by combining training in journalism with a love for food and the people who produce it.  It all started with cooking school in Paris, then a year co-researching and authoring THE FOOD LOVER’S GUIDE TO PARIS, by Patricia Wells.  We walked the streets of this famed city tasting, sipping, getting up at all hours to visit bakers and cheese makers, restaurateurs and markets.  I went on to do extensive travel throughout the United States, France, Italy, the Middle East and parts of Asia as I researched books, always keeping in mind the people behind the food.  What captivates me, aside from flavor and excellence, are the people who grow and then fashion our food into gorgeous tastes.  I am passionate about tradition, and all of my work has led me to investigate, share, then write about food and agricultural traditions throughout the world, focusing mostly on France which is where I’ve begun to send down my roots.   I  believe that learning about cooking and food  involve much more than recipes and techniques and to that end, share with you, my reader and my cooking student, the people, the traditions, the culture around the farm, the table, the winery, the bakery, the fromagerie and more.  I delight in meeting and introducing the personalities and customs behind the great cuisines of the world.

I am the award winning author of thirteen books both food and literary, the most recent of which is French Grill (Countryman, 2018). For more about books, click here Books page.

I divide my time between my   lovingly-restored 15th convent home in Normandy, a quick hour outside of Paris and across the street from the Gothic Church of Notre-Dame de Louviers, and Paris.

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