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Nutmeg, More Precious Than Gold

In the 14th century, a pound of nutmeg was purportedly worth three sheep and a cow; in the 17th century, the little, fragrant nut was valued higher than gold.

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Thanksgiving 2023

What matters is that we are all cooking and enjoying time together at the table.  List or no, one thing I never forget is to

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French Comfort Foods

So as Mother Tongue is the comfortable language (which maybe makes us think of Mother), comfort food is that which inspires comfort in the individual.

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Cook From Your Heart

I cooked for a French family to earn my keep while I studied as an apprentice chef in Paris.  At first, I was completely petrified.

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Cook French: Make Tarts

The most important part of a tart is not the filling. It’s the pastry. There are three major pastry categories in the French repertoire: pâte

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French Holiday Dishes

Capon holds court in many homes, with turkey running a close second. Usually they are stuffed, French style, with chestnuts, and surrounded in the pan

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Confit: Mystery and Alchemy Making confit is fun, which maybe says a lot about my sense of fun.  But it’s hands-on, you have to be

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Menu Planning

Autumn is the most volatile of seasons, and my personal favorite. As I plan my upcoming menus I go to the market as often as

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