Susan February 24, 2020

Local Artichokes, Or Are They?

Eating seasonally and locally is part of my religion.  Almost to absurdity, or so my friends and family will point out.  But I’m committed, for many reasons.  I want small...
Susan February 1, 2020

Wine in a Box

  As I wiped a tiny drop from the plastic spigot sticking out of the box of wine I’d just opened, I had to laugh.  I, the keeper of wine...
Susan December 27, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR – Bonne Année

The best text message I got after midnight on January 1, when the French text each other like mad with New Year messages, was from my 84 year-old friend Stanley:...
Susan October 23, 2019

Speculoos – Cinnamon Cookies

Speculoos is the golden spice cookie that comes wrapped in plastic and sits on the saucer of your espresso cup in nearly every cafe throughout the Hexagon.  In the past...
Susan October 10, 2019

Fig Jam

I planted my fig tree about seven years ago, to replace an ancient apple tree which was the "apple of my eye".  She...
Susan September 3, 2019


My recent visit to Maine was a patchwork of memories and a blossoming of experiences to add to them. I moved there two minutes...
Susan August 14, 2019

Smoked Salmon, Spoons, and Guinness

  I was strolling down the high street in Drogheda, Ireland, and suddenly my friend Trish Rogers, internationally known wine and food expert and author of...
Susan August 14, 2019

Mid-Summer Rhubarb

    I think my rhubarb plant loves me.  I blush to say this, but it's got to be true. Each season, it...
Susan July 31, 2019

Ireland – Trad Music, Brown Bread, and the 99

Begorrah.  Slainte.  Shite.  That’s about the sum of my Irish vocabulary, which I learned after spending a short week in the Ancient East coastal area...
Susan July 9, 2019

Cherries – Under the Wire

I know I'm just under the wire with this cherry recipe, but I rushed to get it perfected so that I could share it with you.  So please run to...
Susan June 24, 2019

Salade Niçoise Authentique

Salade Niçoise, how we all love this blend of potatoes, green beans, lettuce, tomatoes, anchovies, tuna and…WAIT !!! STOP!!! Do not EVER tell any self-respecting...
Susan June 13, 2019

The Art of French Eating

I just read a piece by Jessica Knoll in the Global New York Times about “intuitive eating,” a fascinating concept. Come to find out, it’s an idea that surfaced in...

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