Susan October 25, 2020

Caffeine Time

Time still feels different but gone is the molasses. Enter the caffeine, as days become achingly short. They’re naturally short  because of the season. But now they’re literally short.  Until...
Susan October 6, 2020

Roast Chicken

Roast chicken is one of the most eternally beloved dishes on planet earth.  It evokes warmth, comfort, full flavor, cozy dinners with family and friends.  It is easy to think...
Susan September 1, 2020


Summer’s end, when temperatures are cool in the evening and morning and still intensely warm during the afternoons produce is at its absolute best. This is why I always planned...
Susan July 10, 2020

Molasses Time

Molasses time. That’s what I’m calling this moment post-confinment. Or as the French say, “déconfinement”.  Someday someone will explain to the world in a precise and scientific way how Covid-19...
Susan July 1, 2020

Summer Time and the Grilling is Easy

  It's high time, past time, good time to grill your summer meals, as many of you already have.  Here, we are as tomatoes begin to hang juicy on the...
Susan May 16, 2020


Pizza became the most common confinement food, I discovered in an unofficial poll. In my former one kilometer of freedom I counted 25 restaurants offering pizza for take-away.  Makes sense. ...
Susan April 21, 2020

French Confinement Cuisine

Oh my, where is the time going?  This virus doesn’t just provoke horror, it eats time.  Never in my life have I had so much time, never have I felt...
Susan April 6, 2020

Easter Lamb

  What an Easter season.  Yesterday as I walked during my allowable hour outside, I saw signs hung at windows with the word Hosanna and...
Susan March 29, 2020

Hope and A Strawberry Parfait

Gael Giraud, renowned economist and director of research at the prestigious National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) flatly stated, “We’re seeing food rationing in London and potential rationing in New...
Susan March 18, 2020

Caramelized Oranges – Guaranteed Cheer

You will read many, many, many accounts of how this virus is affecting everyone, how to spend your time now that you are - or soon will be - sequestered...
Susan February 24, 2020

Local Artichokes, Or Are They?

Eating seasonally and locally is part of my religion.  Almost to absurdity, or so my friends and family will point out.  But I’m committed, for many reasons.  I want small...
Susan February 1, 2020

Wine in a Box

  As I wiped a tiny drop from the plastic spigot sticking out of the box of wine I’d just opened, I had to laugh.  I, the keeper of wine...

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