fish stew

This Summer in Normandy

First and foremost, summer classes at On Rue Tatin will be spectacular! The garden is ready to burst into color already; the fruit trees have

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gateau marbre

Yogurt Cake Revisited

I have a dinner coming up, and I want to make a delicious but simple cake for dessert.  I considered plenty of options and settled

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magret duck wtih orange sauce in France

Holiday Menu

I know, you’ve had it planned for weeks. But what if you haven’t?  Holidays include many serendipitous moments, when friends call unexpectedly, family plans change

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rabbit on the grill, with herbs and bacon

Rabbit in all its Splendor

The biggest hurdle?  Peter Rabbit, that wily, lovable blue-jacketed character created by naturalist and author Beatrix Potter.  Who couldn’t love him?  Who could eat his

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Fennel, hazelnuts, paprika, fleur de sel, black pepper, freshly ground


  Toasty. Crunchy.  Spicy.  Simple. Exotic. That’s dukkah, the Middle Eastern blend of toasted nuts and spices that makes people stop in their track to

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persimmon bread

Persimmon Bread

It’s persimmon season in California, as I found to my delight while there to teach a cooking class.  There they were in profusion – at

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Breton Pork Stew

Flavors of Brittany

On the GR 34As an inveterate hiker, I think any season is a good one for taking to the trails, particularly as a break from

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