apple tart

Tarte Tatin

Every time I make Tarte Tatin I think about my time as an apprentice in the kitchens at La Varenne. There, Chef Albert Jorant taught

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French Grill

French Grill Fandango

Dateline:Hot Springs, Virginia. Eileen and Betsy are back… with their LABOR DAY FRENCH GRILL FANDANGO “No one really cares that OUR objective is to cook

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grilled pork chops

Last Minute Labor Day Menu

EEEK!  I almost forgot Labor Day! It’s my calendar’s fault; it is supposed to keep me informed of all holidays everywhere, but the “settings gremlin”

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Grilled Eggplant Salad

This recipe for Eggplant Salad (which I serve as an appetizer) comes from one of my favorite books, HONEY FROM A WEED, by Patience Gray

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Confit of Peppers

Every year I make a batch of pepper confit (confit means to cook very slowly usually in oil or fat) with Doux des Landes (capsicum

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Read all about it! FRENCH GRILL is getting some great  press throughout the country, and there is more to come. I’ll keep this page updated

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