Focused Workshops - $350/Person/Day

9:30 a.m.-12:30 pm.

Workshops are three hours delving into a subject, whether it be sauces, appetizers, learning to shop at the market.  Tastes included

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Focused Workshops

Workshops allow delicious focus!  Susan offers three different workshops, where you delve into a subject, learning everything about it, cooking up luscious flavors and textures.   Includes tastes.


The French repertoire includes (depending on who you consult!) seven Mother Sauces.  Susan has her own favorite French Sauce Repertoire (think Lemon Mayonnaise, Sauce Vierge, and more!)  and with her you will make these sauces, and learn how to incorporate them into your cuisine!


French appetizers soothe the soul, from savory feta rolls to fig and hazelnut bread, to smoked salmon with cream, sweet and spicy nuts…these are the stuff that appetizer dreams are made from!  Susan will take you through the world of French appetizers, each of which is its own universe of flavor and texture, so that you can  recreate them for your friends and family.  


Markets are filled with flavor and color, but how do you find the season’s best? What do you look for?  With Susan as your guide, you will learn everything there is to know about shopping at the  market, how to choose the best and most flavorful seasonal produce, cheeses, meats, and seafood.  You will make several dishes based on what you’ve found at the market, and enjoy tastes of the finest the season has to offer.

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Tradition & Regional - $575/Person/Day

10:30 a.m. -3 p.m.

French cuisine is born of tradition and region.  We’ll explore these in the dishes we prepare.  Meal included

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Focused Workshops

What is it that makes French cuisine beloved?  The question is a good one with multiple answers, the most important being TRADITION.  Traditional French cooking hearkens to three major tenets: terroir, which accounts for the variety of regional cuisines local ingredients, and those that are in season.  These vital elements that have shaped – and continue to influence – traditional French cuisine.  Think dishes like richly flavored Daube de Boeuf (Provencale Beef Stew), Poule au Pot (Henry IV’s Chicken in a Pot), Basque Lamb, or Soupe au Pistou (Southern Vegetable and Pesto Soup). You  will make dishes like these, along with tempting appetizers and crackling fruit tarts and more, to create a meal to enjoy! Add technique and time-honored tips, and you have a class taught by Susan Herrmann Loomis, who has delved deeply into traditional French cuisine. She shares what she knows with you, accompanied by flavorful stories and anecdotes.  Includes a meal.

The Classes


Here, you will head south from Paris to the sun-drenched Mediterranean regions of France.  Expect big flavors, robust dishes, and let yourself be seduced by the elegance too.  We will prepare a five-course meal and enjoy it accompanied by wines from the French Mediterranean regions.


We will visit an outdoor market and you will learn how to choose the finest ingredients.  We will return to the kitchen to prepare our meal, a feast of seasonal surprises.


The French love their vegetables, grains, and starches and have so many ways to present them to make a meal.  Here Susan will instruct you how and when to buy vegetables, how to combine them with grains, cheeses, eggs to make stylish meals for every level of vegetarian!


The classic dishes of France make the world go ’round.  Excpect comforting old “friends” and prepare to meet “new” and “updated” classics too, because French cuisine is in constant evolution.

2024 TRADITIONAL AND REGIONAL $575/person/day 
  • June 19 – $575
  • July 10-13, 2024 – Plat du Jour Simple French Menus – $1725 – NORMANDY
  • September 5 – $575
  • September 11-14, 2024 – French Regional Menus – $1725 – NORMANDY
  • October 9-12, 2024 – Plat du Jour Simple French Menus – $1725 – NORMANDY
  • November 8 – $575
  • November 9 – $575
  • November 15 – $575
  • December 3 – $575
  • December 4 – $575
  • December 5 – $575


Elegant Haute Cuisine - $775/Person/Day

10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Here we prepare dishes that combine all the richness of French cuisine, taken to a high level. Meal included

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Focused Workshops

FRENCH cuisine is elegant in all its forms.    In our classes, we’ll explore that elegance, learning how to coax depths of flavor from perfect ingredients, then presenting our creations so they are blindingly beautiful, tempting with their aromas and colors, dreamily delicious.  With Susan, you will learn to astonish with your culinary creations, which begins with the ingredients and the cooking, and continues all the way to the candles, crystal, and silverware!  Includes a meal.



Susan is passionate about seafood, and a recognized expert, thanks to her first book, THE GREAT AMERICAN SEAFOOD COOKBOOK.  She will take you through the world of seafood into a universe of delicious dishes that you will recreate at home, to the delight and astonishment of everyone at your table.  From market to table, you will cook with the finest array of seafood imaginable. Because seafood arrives at the market daily, most of it directly from the English Channel, Susan responds accordingly, by choosing recipes based on the daily catch.  But imagine Fish in Salt Crust, Fusion Fillets with herbs and flavors from afar, Marmite Dieppoise (Silken Fish Stew from Normandy), Basque-Style Cod.  You will become a Seafood expert.


French mushrooms embody the feel of autumn elegance.  Collected fresh daily from the woods, or carefully coaxed from loam in ancient caves, you will touch mushrooms of every variety, turning them into savory delicacies.


Here you will spend three days making elegant dishes like Stuffed Lamb Shoulder, Chicken with Walnuts,  Tournedos au Deux Poivres (Steak with Two Peppers), combining them with fine side disehs like Asparagus Three Ways, Swiss Chard Timbales with Radishes, Red Pepper Tart, and ending with desserts like Strawberry Balsamic Parfaits, Vanilla Millefeuille, Choux a la Crème…


Susan will show you how the French put vegetables and grains at the center of the plate to make elegant, meatless meals.


The French go elegant for the holidays, from truffle-roasted turkey to platters of seafood with multiple sauces, to buche de noel filled with cream and covered in ganache…learn the traditions so you can recreate them at home.

2024 ELEGANT HAUTE CUISINE – $775/person /day
  • May 15-18, 2024: Love Affair with French Cuisine- $2325 – NORMANDY
  • June 13-15, 2024: Elegant Seafood Menus – $2325 – NORMANDY
  • June 18 – $775
  • June 20 – $775
  • September 3 – $775
  • September 18-21, 2024: Elegant Traditional Menus – $2325 – NORMANDY
  • September 4 – $775
  • November 5 – $775
  • November 6 – $775
  • November 7 – $775
  • November 12 – $775
  • November 13 – $775
  • November 14 – $775
  • December 6 – $775
  • December 7 – $775
  • December 10 – $775


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Paris Class
2024 Market Visit - $350/Person
Contact us for dates.
2024 Tradition & Regional - $575/Person/Day
2024 ELEGANT HAUTE CUISINE - $775/person/day

Cooking with Susan is a celebration of the season, with recipes that reflect both tradition and trend, and the finest ingredients sourced locally. Susan teaches technical skills, which she combines with imagination and creativity, while always adhering to classical methods.

With Susan. you learn, you laugh, you leave with gorgeous recipes and skills.  Join us!


If you don’t find a date that corresponds to your schedule, we can work together to find one for you, either in Paris or Normandy.  For any questions, simple write to me at

PLEASE NOTE our refund Policy:  The class deposit is a commitment by On Rue Tatin to reserve a spot for you in a specific class. The deposit should be considered nonrefundable, unless you offer a good and valid reason for your cancellation. If you wish to transfer to another class, there will be no charge. If we fill your spot, you will receive a refund. Any refund is, however, subject to a $500 service charge per student.
We highly recommend travel insurance, and suggest you consult Forbes for a list of companies that have been deemed efficient and reliable, or use your own travel insurance. Your travel insurance can handle, among other things, any refunds or cancellations that occur two months (120 days) before the start of the class.

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