Cooking with Susan is a celebration of the season, with recipes that reflect both tradition and trend, and the finest ingredients sourced locally. Susan teaches technical skills, which she combines with imagination and creativity, while always adhering to classical methods.

Susan is known for her warmth and sense of humor which, along with her profound and intimate knowledge of France and the French culture, make her classes richly satisfying. She has worked with celebrated chefs and spent time in farm and home kitchens.  She keeps abreast of trends while focusing on techniques, tradition, culture, and quality.  Students come to cook with Susan, and they leave with a whole new set of skills and experiences, and an inside look at the French culinary world.

When you take a class with Susan, you will arrive at a beautifully appointed kitchen to a feast of tastes.  Susan will guide you effortlessly through the recipes, sharing her tips and tricks that will change the way you cook, forever.  Come and learn, with Susan, the keys to French cooking: Seasonal, Local, Elegant.

Each of Susan’s classes is a unique universe,  offered according to categories: Workshops, which last for three hours and offers insight, depth, and tastings; Traditions, which focus on French traditional dishes and include a full meal;  Elegant, which offer dishes and menus for exceptional meals and also include a full meal.  Together, we will figure out what is the best class for you.  Custom and private classes are available.  Everything depends on what you want.

Once you’ve made your decision and arrived at class, everything you need for class is provided.  You need only bring your enthusiasm!

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Louviers Classes


Country Lunches


Online Classes

Coming Soon!

Themed Classes

Price to be determined

Guest Eaters

Guest Eater - 150€/meal




5 Day Class

During five days at On Rue Tatin you’ll find yourself cooking, laughing, enjoying, tasting, as you settle into the rhythm of life in a small French town.  We will cook with the finest local and seasonal ingredients, meet the locals, get to know the area, and enjoy sumptuous meals, each accompanied by fine, small-production wines and artisanally made cheeses.

Five Day Class in Normandy!  4000€/person

3 Day Class

Three days at On Rue Tatin in Louviers is a rich, concentrated experience of cooking, learning, tasting, enjoying, laughing.  You will work with the season and the region’s finest ingredients then sit down to meals you’ve prepared, all accompanied by fine, small-production wines and artisanally made cheeses.​

​Three Day Class in Normandy! 3000€/person

Online Classes



Coming Soon! I’m working on setting up an opportunity for a cooking course online.

Stay Tuned!

Cooking in Paris!



Join me for intimate hands-on cooking classes in Paris, where we will cook together in a gorgeous, contemporary kitchen in the lovely 7th arrondissement, with seasonal produce fresh from the market.

For morning classes, we will begin at 10:30 a.m. with tastings, then will launch right into a hands-on, technique-oriented cooking class that will lead to our mid-day meal. Evening meals begin with a tasting and demonstration, and lead to a lovely, candlelight supper. Each class focuses on technique, tradition, tips and tricks; all ingredients are local and seasonal,and wines are carefully chosen to go with the dishes. In one class, you’ll take a culinary tour of France – it will be unforgettable!

Cooking in Paris! 250€/person

Themed Classes



I love to make custom themed classes, let’s do something special together!

Price to be determined​

Country Lunch


We know many of you would love to get out into the French countryside, but may not have the time to take a cooking class. To satisfy your desire, I developed Lunch in the Country, a wonderful, languorous meal cooked by and enjoyed with me in my timbered dining room.
You will arrive here either by train, rental car, or taxi and I will greet you with a home made apéritif , some enticing amuses-bouche, and a tour of our garden, if the weather is fine. Otherwise, we will sit in the kitchen enjoying our aperitif, then take a quick tour of our 12th century wine cellar. We will come back upstairs where I will put finishing touches on the lunch I’ve prepared for you, before we all sit down together in the dining room to enjoy it.

The menus for lunches are never the same, for they change with the season and they depend entirely on my own sense of creativity and delight in what I have found that day at the market.

Country Lunch – 150€/person

Guest Eaters



Wanna just share an amazing meal with good friends? You’re welcome too!

Guest Eater – 150€/meal

Susan Herrmann Loomis | On Rue Tatin

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