This cookie has seduced the non-cinnamon loving population of France. It will seduce you too.

Galettes au Sarrasin – Buckwheat Galettes

ble noir

When the galette is fully cooked on one side, flipped and just about cooked on the other side, you can add the filling, spreading it out as you like, then fold the galette up to the center of the filling, as in the photo.

Fish Stock

I always have fish stock in my freezer, for making a quick soup or adding to a sauce. I freeze about 2 cups in ice cube trays, then pop the cubes in ice cube trays, then pop the cubes out of the trays and put them in freezer bags or containers. (Each cube is approximately 1 ½ tablespoons of stock).

ASTUCES: freeze whatever fish stock you don’t use in 1 cup (250ml) increments. Then it’s at your fingertips for other recipes.

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: heavy saucepan

Bergamot Marmalade

marmalade, sugar, skins

Have a couple of lemons on hand, in case you need a bit more juice to get to the proper quantity. And the cooking time is approximate, simply because your stovetop will dictate how long this takes to cook. What you are looking for is tender skins and a caramelized color. You don’t want to cook the marmalade too long or it will turn to a lump when cool.

Turkish Kebab Sauce – Sauce Kebab

ASTUCE: I suggest toasting cumin seed in a small skillet on the grill, alongside your burgers or other foods that are grilling, then grinding them in a spice grinder, or in a mortar and pestle. Also, if you want your sauce more spicy, you know what to do (hint: add more spices!).

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: small, heavy skillet and spice grinder, whisk

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The French call these “coookieees” and almost every bakery offers them. These are the best you’ll ever taste…my humble opinion!


Here, the lemony, grassiness of cilantro is softened by being blanched, then blended with top-quality olive oil. Its flavor emerges gently but its color is a blast of green that brightens every dish it touches. When a new ingredient comes to France, as cilantro did from North Africa, the French chef coopts it with their special artfulness, as is the case here. I predict you’ll make this oil often.

Astuce: This oil is the very best the day it is made, though you can stretch it a day or two if you keep it refrigerated.