Getting to Louviers

Renting A Car
Susan recommends AutoEurope for car rentals, and they have a pick-up right in Louviers. Special offers are often available only on the Internet ( Their toll-free number in the U.S. is 1.800.223.5555.

(For conversion rates,

Email reservation:
Speaks English
About € 150 for a one-way trip from Charles de Gaulle airport to Louviers.

Limited English
About €180 for a one-way trip from Charles de Gaulle airport to Louviers. Also provides taxi service in and around Louviers.

Arriving By Car From Charles de Gaulle Airport

Take the A1—direction Nanterre—then the A86, then the A14-Rouen. Proceed as below to exit, number 18, Louviers.

Arriving By Car From Paris

Louviers is about 103 kilometers from Paris and the trip takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes on the AutoRoute (toll road). If you already have a car, take the A13 from Paris, direction Rouen, past Poissy, Mantes-la-Jolie where you will pay a toll, Vernon, Gaillon. Get off at the Louviers exit, number 18, pay the toll and go to the stop sign. Turn left, direction Louviers, and go straight. After you pass through one round-about and a stop light, you will subsequently pass through three other round-abouts, always following the signs to Louviers-Centreville. At the third round-about after the stop light, turn right. The Cathedral will be directly in front of you. Go straight and follow the street around to the right of the Cathedral (the only way you can go). Turn sharply to your left right after the Cathedral and go to the stop. Turn left then sharply right; Susan’s home is there on the right hand side of the intersection, right on the corner. Go through a small wood door into the courtyard. Welcome to On Rue Tatin!

Arriving By Train
To plan your arrival to Louviers by train, please contact  The French train system is efficient, but it does occasionally go on strike.  The above link, which can be translated into English, gives up-to-date information. The train to Louviers actually stops at the Val de Reuil train station.  The link from there is a red bus or, recommended by On Rue Tatin, a taxi. Taxis must be scheduled in advance.  Please contact for help with this, if necessary.

Round trip fare is about € 33, and takes 1 hour 10 minutes from Paris to Val de Reuil

Travel Insurance
We recommend you insure your travel arrangements. You may contact the following companies, or use the insurer of your choice. On Rue Tatin has no interest in these companies, nor claims responsibility for any arrangements made.

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