Grilled Rabbit with Mustard and Crisp Bacon

Rabbit is easily found in most places in the U.S., though it will often be in the frozen food department. Try to find it. It’s beautiful meat – lean, subtle, tender, and it cooks so well, wrapped in bacon, over the coals. The by-word is slow, even cooking. Just be patient, turn it regularly and you’ll have a feast on your hands. And if you cannot find rabbit, use chicken….!

Aioli – Garlic Mayonnaise

This sauce evokes Provence at its productive best, in spring and summer, when farms and family gardens are at their peak production, yielding vegetables with an incomparable depth of flavor.

ASTUCE – When making aioli – or any mayonnaise-like sauce – think slow, slow, slow. There is a simple remedy for separated aioli. Put an egg yolk in another bowl and slowly whisk the separated aioli into it.