Grilled Oysters with Pommeau (from FRENCH GRILL)

ASTUCE: If you cannot find Pommeau use sherry in this recipe. Be sure to set the oysters cupped shell down so when they open, their juice doesn’t spill out. The size oyster you use depends on your own taste. I adore small oysters; there used to be a category called “boudeuses” in France, tiny little things that were the perfect size. That category is gone, so I just take the smallest oyster I can find so that I can enjoy them in one, ultra-crisp bite (and I can eat more that way!). I like to do these over the coals, with some smoke added. That way the brininess of the oyster has a delicate smoky overlay.

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: grape vine or other wood cuttings or chips, long tongs, oyster glove or heavy towel, oyster knife
DIFFICULTY: piece of cake