Braised Asparagus

asparagus radishes

This recipe offers a whole new spring temptation! If you cannot find white asparagus, use thick green asparagus stalks. If you are using white asparagus, peel off the outer skin, beginning with the leaves just under the tip, where grit may be hiding. Hold each stalk up to the light so you can be sure you’ve removed all of the tough skin. You may need to peel each stalk twice to be sure. Then, trim off the end of the stem.


This is an almost mythical herb mix traditionally made with herbs that grow wild throughout Provence. There, it is added to everything from soup to fresh goat cheese; it echoes the landscape on the plate, evoking the hot, rugged landscape, the delicate villages perched atop hills.. I make my own blend of these herbs and use it fresh during the summer, then am sure to dry some for winter as well, when I want the sun on my palate.

ASTUCE: To dry these herbs, I put them outside IN THE SHADE, so they dry with the hot breeze of summer. Once dried, store them in an air-tight container in a dark, cool spot.