Beef Brochettes with Curry

ASTUCE: note that the onions are cooked separately, because they take longer than the zucchini and the beef. You might say “Why include them, then?” Because they go so we-e-l-l with the beef and zucchini. You might just want to slide them on the skewer to make life easier, but it won’t make what’s in your mouth more tender or delicious, nor will leaving them out of this recipe. Sometimes things in life are just a little more complicated than they are simple. Note too that yellow zucchini makes this recipe sit up and sing. Milder than their green cousins but equally delicious, they add a festive note to the brochettes. I like to remove the ingredients from the skewers before serving, which works particularly well here since the onions are skewered and cooked separately from the beef and the zucchini.

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Long metal skewers, gloves, tongs, platter for serving
PREPARATION AND GRILLING TIME: for the marinating: up to 2 hours; for the grilling, 12 minutes total