Rhubarb Ginger and Speculoos Tartelettes

These tartelettes surprise and delight everyone because they offer just the right combination of sweet, crisp, creamy, and tart…you’ll see. If you don’t want to make tartelettes, you can make a big tart – this is enough for one that measures 10-1/2-inches (27cm) across. There is nothing to this, it’s like a cheesecake only easier and, honestly, more fun.

Braised Spring Vegetables

Late spring is a perfect moment in the life of vegetables. Peas, carrots, potatoes and onions are brand new, filled with tender, sweet flavor, the juiciest and most flavorful they will be all year. This dish, which is topped with a fresh lettuce that melts gently into it, is a celebration of spring, ideal to serve with roasted meats or fish.

Galettes au Sarrasin – Buckwheat Galettes

ble noir

When the galette is fully cooked on one side, flipped and just about cooked on the other side, you can add the filling, spreading it out as you like, then fold the galette up to the center of the filling, as in the photo.

Chicken with Shallots and Apples

This is a gorgeous and very simple recipe that you can make for a cozy family dinner, or even when the boss comes over. It’s impressive and deeply flavorful, dramatic to present, delicious to enjoy!

ASTUCE: I suggest stuffing the chicken with either an orange or two clementines, but you don’t have to. I love the slight additional flavor they add, and their juice squeezed over the chicken right before serving, but I promise this dish is fabulous without them too. The vinegar poured over the chicken adds a touch of welcome acidity to the sauce and crisps up the skin too.

Endives Caramelisés

Light, lovely and very delicious, this dish goes well with everything – meat, fish, fowl. It is delicate and lovely and will surprise everyone who tastes it. This dish can be served wither hot or at room temperature.

Figs and Chocolate

You’ll swoon with pleasure when you try this handsome dessert. Seriously, handsome it is, and handsome it tastes (if you think that handsome is delicious, which I do). Figs are ephemeral, and when they’re in season I try to serve them often. My usual is to braise them in red wine, or simple sauté and use them as a vegetable. Here, though, they get slightly caramelized on the grill, then set in a bed of rich chocolate sauce, with a squeeze of lime juice over the top. Oh my, what a dessert.

ASTUCES: You need a good, hot fire for this because over the heat the figs caramelize nicely and cook just perfectly, until they are tender and hot through but not too juicy. Their skin, which becomes slightly caramelized, will stick to the grill in spots but don’t worry. See the photo – they still look gorgeous. Finally, remember to trim the end of the stem from the fig –it’s too hard to eat.

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: mesh grill, long tongs
PREPARATION TIME: about 10 minutes


Making marshmallows is like performing a magic trick – simple ingredients suddenly turn into a confection that no one, no matter how old or jaded, can resist! Here, the heat of the sugar and glucose mixture cooks and solidifies the egg whites just enough to make them tender and tempting!
You can flavor these with just about anything, from a concentrated fruit juice to an extract, to a blend of ground nuts and spices.

Note: frozen egg whites work well for this recipe. Corn syrup (Karo brand is the best known) can be used as a substitute for glucose, however the flavor and texture will be slightly different. Glucose is available at any specialty pastry supply store.

Braised Asparagus

asparagus radishes

This recipe offers a whole new spring temptation! If you cannot find white asparagus, use thick green asparagus stalks. If you are using white asparagus, peel off the outer skin, beginning with the leaves just under the tip, where grit may be hiding. Hold each stalk up to the light so you can be sure you’ve removed all of the tough skin. You may need to peel each stalk twice to be sure. Then, trim off the end of the stem.