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Great meals  make people happy, both in and out of the kitchen. Cooking those meals is made easier and more enjoyable with high quality, efficient, planet-friendly tools, and fine ingredients that give them that “je ne sais quoi”.  At On Rue Tatin, I make sure to have my best-loved tools available for use and to take home; here, I’ve added some more.

Peruse my store and find some of my most-used and best-loved utensils. Have fun shopping!  

pans - Susan Herrmann Loomis

If you have favorite tools that aren’t on this list I’d love to hear what they are. I’ll try them, and add them if they work for me too!

For tools from my list of must-haves that you don’t find here, you’ll just have to drop by On Rue Tatin and pick them up on site!


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