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Smoked Salmon, Spoons, and Guinness

Susan August 14, 2019
  I was strolling down the high street in Drogheda, Ireland, and suddenly my friend Trish Rogers, internationally known wine and...

Ireland – Trad Music, Brown Bread, and the 99

Susan July 31, 2019
Begorrah.  Slainte.  Shite.  That’s about the sum of my Irish vocabulary, which I learned after spending a short week in...

Cherries – Under the Wire

Susan July 9, 2019
I know I'm just under the wire with this cherry recipe, but I rushed to get it perfected so that I could share it with...


Aili Takala’s Rhubarb Cake

Susan May 7, 2019
AILI TAKALA'S RHUBARB CAKE - - diced (fresh rhubarb), vanilla sugar, all-purpose flour, baking soda, fine sea salt (beaten), unsalted butter (at room temperature), large...

Galettes au Sarrasin – Buckwheat Galettes

Susan May 3, 2019
Buckwheat Galettes - When the galette is fully cooked on one side, flipped and just about cooked on the other side, you can add the...

Couscous Soup

Susan April 24, 2019
COUSCOUS SOUP - LA SOUPE DE COUSCOUS - ASTUCE: The best meat for couscous soup is lamb neck, which is wonderfully gelatinous, rather like oxtail...

Summer Tomato Tourte

Susan April 21, 2019
SUMMER TOMATO TART - TARTE D'ETE A LA TOMATE - - recipe for Tender Tart Pastry, heavy cream, large eggs, fresh thyme leaves, small clove...


Susan April 1, 2019
NOT JUST ANY CHOCOLATE MOUSSE - - lightly salted butter, large eggs (separated), espresso, ½ heavy cream (whipped to soft peaks,), additional large egg white,...

Chicken with Shallots and Apples

Susan March 7, 2019
CHICKEN WITH SHALLOTS - POULET AUX ECHALOTES - This is a gorgeous and very simple recipe that you can make for a cozy family dinner,...

Fish Stock

Susan February 20, 2019
FISH STOCK - FUMET - I always have fish stock in my freezer, for making a quick soup or adding to a sauce. I freeze...

Marmite Dieppoise

Susan February 19, 2019
MARMITE DIEPPOISE - NORMANDY SEAFOOD STEW - SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: large, heavy saucepan PREPARATION TIME: 30 minutes DIFFICULTY LEVEL: simple but requires attention - white fish...

Bergamot Marmalade

Susan February 5, 2019
BERGAMOT MARMALADE – MARMALADE DE BERGAMOT - Have a couple of lemons on hand, in case you need a bit more juice to get to...

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