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Salade Niçoise Authentique

Susan June 24, 2019
Salade Niçoise, how we all love this blend of potatoes, green beans, lettuce, tomatoes, anchovies, tuna and…WAIT !!! STOP!!! Do...

The Art of French Eating

Susan June 13, 2019
I just read a piece by Jessica Knoll in the Global New York Times about “intuitive eating,” a fascinating concept. Come to find out, it’s...

Bringing France to Maine in August

Susan May 24, 2019
Just like all the French, I'm travelling in August, to Maine.  And I'm hoping you'll join me there!  I'm offering two days of cooking classes in...



Susan January 24, 2019
YOGURT CAKE – GATEAU AU YAOURT - This simple cake goes together in minutes. I melt the butter and the chocolate over the pilot lights...

French Mashed Potatoes – Purée

Susan January 16, 2019
French Mashed Potatoes - Purée - - starchy potatoes such as russets (peeled and diced), coarse sea salt, unsalted butter, crème fraîche, Freshly ground nutmeg...

Lamb Parmentier

Susan January 16, 2019
PARMENTIER D’AGNEAU - LAMB WITH MASHED POTATOES - This recipe makes enough for 8 rounds. You will have leftover mashed potatoes, most likely; don’t worry,...

Endives Caramelisés

Susan December 21, 2018
CARAMELIZED ENDIVE ENDIVES CARAMELISÉS - Light, lovely and very delicious, this dish goes well with everything - meat, fish, fowl. It is delicate and lovely...

Duck Breast with Two Sauces

Susan December 21, 2018
Duck Breast with Two Sauces - - Two 13-ounce fattened duck breasts (skin scored almost to the meat with a sharp knife, 390g), ½-1piment d’Espelette...

Rabbit with Dried Plums

Susan December 13, 2018
RABBIT WITH DRIED PLUMS - LAPIN AUX PRUNEAUX - If you cannot find rabbit, use chicken in this succulent recipe! - extra-virgin olive oil, medium...

Grilled Rabbit with Mustard and Crisp Bacon

Susan December 10, 2018
Grilled Rabbit with Mustard and Crisp Bacon - Rabbit is easily found in most places in the U.S., though it will often be in the...


Susan December 2, 2018
DUKKAH - GROUND NUTS, SEEDS, SPICES - - hazelnuts or almonds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, coriander seed, cumin seed, fennel seed, coarse ground black pepper,...

Persimmon Bread

Susan November 21, 2018
Persimmon Bread - - all-purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, ground cinnamon, large eggs, granulated vanilla sugar, buttermilk, melted butter, pure vanilla extract, golden...

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