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Bonjour! Welcome to cooking, writing, and life in France

Susan Herrmann Loomis has taught cooking classes for more than twenty years, and has written fourteen best-selling cookbooks.  Her dream has always been to share with you what she knows, making cooking, France, and her passion come alive for you.

Through Susan’s classes, you experience the culture and depth of France and its cuisine.   Now, with Create Your Culinary Story, you have the opportunity to learn from Susan how to put words to your own cooking passion through writing a cookbook, or bringing your food blog to a whole new level. 

Susan, founder of On Rue Tatin cooking school, offers workshops in Normandy where you will create, write, learn the pragmatic details of how to create your cookbook, interspersed with cooking classes that will enhance your work as you coax flavor from the finest seasonal, locally produced ingredients. Susan offers other writing services too.

Just want to cook? She offers cooking classes for you too!

Susan continues to offer cooking classes as well, which range from focused workshops and classes revolving around regions and hearty traditions, to classes that will teach you French Haute Cuisineelegance and refinement. 

In both writing and cooking, Susan is a world-renowned expert.  Her methods and her instruction are simple and clear, her goal to give you what you want.  Her experience in both cooking and writing are unparalleled.  Learn from an expert; Susan makes it easy, fun, flavorful as she guides you every step of the way.

It’s here and causing a sensation!!!! My latest book, Plat Du Jour!  Find it, share it, use it, give it to your girl and your boyfriends, your kids and your parents!  They’ll love it.

Available online and at your local bookstores.  It’s for all the people in your life who love French cuisine at its best!  

Buy it now!


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