Tarte a la Rhubarb

For the pastry

1-½ cups all-purpose flour

½ teaspoon fine sea salt

7 tablespoons unsalted butter, chilled and cut in small pieces

About 1/3 cup water

For the filling

¼ cup apricot or rhubarb jam, or red currant jelly

8 cups of diced rhubarb

½ cup vanilla sugar

For the egg wash

1 small egg 1 teaspoon water


  1. To make the pastry, place the flour and the salt in the work bowl of a food processor and process once. Add the butter and process the flour and butter together using short bursts until the mixture resembles very coarse cornmeal. With the processor running add the water and process five or six times, using short bursts, until the pastry just begins to form clump. Turn out the pastry onto a lightly floured board, pat it into a flat round, up end a bowl over it and let it sit for at least one hour.
  2. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Roll out the pastry to a 13-inch circle and fit it into a 10-½ inch removable bottom tart mold, leaving the edges of the pastry draped over the edges of the tart mold. Spread the jam over the bottom of the pastry, top with half the rhubarb and sprinkle with half the sugar. Top with the remaining rhubarb and sprinkle with the remaining sugar. Fold the edges of the pastry back over the rhubarb and press gently on any wrinkles. Brush the pastry with the egg glaze and sprinkle with the remaining tablespoon of sugar. Place the tart on a baking sheet and slide it into the bottom third of the oven. Bake until the pastry is golden and the fruit is cooked through, 50 minutes to an hour.
  4. Remove from the oven and immediately remove the ring from the tart mold. Let the tart cool to room temperature and serve.

6 to 8 servings

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