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seasonal vegetables, asparagus, fleur de sel, smoked salmon

 French classics, Mediterranean, basics and more, these classes offer a “deep dive” into the subject. You will get your questions answered, your techniques improved, your flavor palate expanded.  And beyond all of that, we will experience the joy of cooking together!  Classes accommodate up to six students, and there is plenty of time for hands-on cooking, tasting, and learning.  All classes are conducted in English; classes are limited to six students and not designed for children under 16.  For special themed classes, children’s classes, private classes, or classes chez vous, inquire at

The Classes

We will explore iconic Mediterranean dishes from Fresh Sardines to Aioli, Rosemary Roasted Lamb to Braised Artichokes.  Our meal includes wines and cheeses from the French Mediterranean.

CUISINE DU MARCHÉ – We will immerse ourselves in an outdoor market to learn the hows and whys of buying direct, then make our way to the kitchen and prepare what we have found.

HAUTE CUISINE FROM THE SEA – The French are masters with all manner of seafood preparations.  From filletting to steaming, you’ll get a complete overview of the art of seafood cooking.

FRENCH BASICS WORKSHOP –  a collection of basics from sauces to pastries will make up this richly varied workshop, which includes tastings.

VEGETARIAN à LA FRANÇAISE – each season offers its wealth of produce, and we’ll experience the very best of it all.  You will learn how to choose vegetables, how to prepare them so they offer the most flavor, which is best in its season, and how to compose an all-vegetable menu so that everyone leaves the table satisfied, delighted, thrilled.

FRENCH CLASSICS – the dishes we all dream of when we think of France will be featured here, from soups and stews to roasts and sautés.  Menus change with the seasons; you’ll love the depth of flavor, the link with history, the fulfillment of your culinary dreams that this class offers!

AMUSES-BOUCHE WORKSHOP  –  French cuisine includes dozens of tasty dishes and combinations of ingredients that are served at the most special moment of the day: the apéritif hour!   After taking this class you’ll be inspired to do as the French do and channel your creativity into the very first moment of every meal you prepare!  Tastings and wine included.

FRENCH HOLIDAY COOKING – around Christmas and the New Year, French meals take on an extra measure of luxury.  In this class you’ll learn to make the iconic dishes of the French holiday using the most traditional ingredients, from shellfish and smoked salmon to poultry in all its guises.

LOVE AFFAIR WITH FRENCH CUISINE – is best had in Paris, France!! We’ll spend three days where cooking, visiting an open-air market, sampling a meal in a starred restaurant, sampling wines and cheeses so that you leave your experience deeper in love with the flavors of French cuisine, and possessing a whole new array of techniques and tips from getting the best from whatever ingredients you choose to cook.

THREE DAYS COOKING IN THE COUNTRY – plunge into the French province of Normandy for three days of cooking local ingredients (think seafood, poultry, cream and cheeses, the finest produce and fruit!).  This experience includes an open air market visit, tastings of local products, a wine tasting, and more.

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