Rent On Rue Tatin – your new French country home! Another lovely group has just left On Rue Tatin with misty eyes as they recounted their adventures and said goodbye to the house and the garden.  They cooked, they visited, they grilled…it’s been an unseasonably warm and sunny time, and they took great advantage […]

A Farmers Market Picnic

Lauren picnic

To market, to market…there’s nothing like a local farmers market to feed the soul and the stomach! It’s a privilege I never take for granted and I love to share it. In fact, one of my favorite cooking class days is our early morning trip to the market. I say early because instead of beginning […]

London’s Towpath Café

I just spent a short week in London, working. The rewards of my visit were many: a successful recording experience; a duskily delicious and intriguing dinner with my Dutch publisher, Jacqueline Smit of Orlando, at Nopi, Yotam Ottolenghi’s paen to Mediterranean flavors; the best Gloucester pork chop of my life at the Abingdon with another […]