Persimmon Bread

persimmon bread

It’s persimmon season in California, as I found to my delight while there to teach a cooking class.  There they were in profusion – at the farmers’ market in Studio City, rolling out of the fruit bowl at my dear friend’s home where I was staying and, one day, in a huge bag at the […]

California Dreamin’

As I sit and look out the window at the sunny terrace, the sunny pool, the sunny green hills beyond that, for all the world, look like Umbria, I feel a million miles away from home.  I’ve signed books at Chino Farm and Warwicks in La Jolla, and taught an amazing private class in Rancho […]

Coming to California

  Come one, come all to two delicious events for In a French Kitchen in California, guaranteed to brighten the month of February. I’ll be at Chino Farms, in Del Mar, near San Diego, purveyor to the stars and everyone else too. When:    Sunday, February 21, 2016, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm Where:   The […]

In a Restaurant Kitchen

From In a French Kitchen to In a Restaurant Kitchen is not as long a journey as it may seem. Particularly when the restaurant kitchen is one devoted to fresh, seasonal, local, hand-picked, hand chopped, hand-patted, and hand cooked food. I had occasion to spend the day in one of  the ten Paul Martin American Grill […]

California, There I Was

From La Jolla to Del Mar, San Francisco to Diablo, Napa to Roseville, California was such an amazing venu, with such amazing hosts.  Thank you all!   and finally, a moment of rest at the Hollywood Bowl. Au revoir, California, I’ll miss you.

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