There is something so very special about being an expatriate even though, occasionally, I long for the familiarity of the country where I was born. But just think: here, I am and always will be “the American.” Which gives me the advantage of the renegade. This creates advantages, one of which is that I can […]


Eggplant is the most luxurious vegetable I know. There is something about its texture, particularly when oven-roasted, that transports to exotic places where dreamy color, wealth, flavor abound.  It is gorgeous from inception to full growth, its taut, shiny purple to creamy white skin almost silken in texture over its voluptuous flesh that just waits […]

Easy Cumin Crackers

  These gorgeous, delicate cumin crackers (or sticks, which is what I usually call them) solve a big problem. Which one, you might ask? Well, the one that has you scratching your head when you see the pastry scraps on the counter after you’ve lined your tart tin. You notice that there isn’t quite enough […]

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