Apple Honey Tart

I live in Normandy, land of apples and pears, and everything made with them – from Tarte Tatin to Rosemary Apple Tart, to Apple Charlotte, to apples as vegetable, appetizer, seasoning.  I’m an expert with apples, and everything I make with them is a point of pride for me.  But never have I had such […]

Poached Eggs

What is more wonderful than a poached egg?  Many things, perhaps, but not when you’ve been traveling, or you’re in a hurry, or your child has a performance and you’ve got one hour to make and serve a decent meal.  Or really at any time at all when you want something delicious and fast. That […]

From the Farm

  It’s school vacation, again. Every six weeks French students have a two week break, and parents adjust.  I used to think this was insane but I’ve come around.  When I see how hard students work, a two week vacation every six weeks begins to make sense.  Most French families I know pack up their […]

California Dreamin’

As I sit and look out the window at the sunny terrace, the sunny pool, the sunny green hills beyond that, for all the world, look like Umbria, I feel a million miles away from home.  I’ve signed books at Chino Farm and Warwicks in La Jolla, and taught an amazing private class in Rancho […]

Truffle Weekend – New at On Rue Tatin

Truffles, the black diamonds of the Périgord. I have never seen so many as I did last weekend, emerging from the clay-ish red soil, sitting on the kitchen counter, sifting down atop freshly sautéed foie gras, grated into tender butter, folded into slow-scrambled eggs, layered with creamy cheese. The occasion was On Rue Tatin’s first […]

Helping Hand

So many different organizations do so many great things around food and farming. Here is a short list of places where you can donate. Mercy Corps – “Mercy Corps works with families to ensure quality inputs, a good crop yield and a fair price at local markets.   Mercy Corps also makes sure that more […]

Food and Focus

  I was reading a piece in the International New York Times by Anand Giridharadas, and a phrase caught my eye. He likened the current moment in the U.S. to the Biedermeier era in Germany (1815-1848) when political participation was suppressed and people turned inward. “What will our grandchildren think of the extraordinary inwardness of […]

Tasty Turkey – Visions of Hatay

Thanks to a wonderful event called Mediterranean Culinary Days (admirably organized by Adnan Sahin, the president of the Anatolian Folk Cuisine Association),  I spent three days in Antakya (Antioch), a city in the province of Hatay, in Anatolia.  There, the wind blows with abandon, sweeping this busy, cacaphonic spot free of dust.  With a bustling center that […]

Simple Spring Dish

Rain pounds down outside; flowers and herbs are growing, but haltingly;  it’s the most tumultuous May I can remember in all my time in France.  Farmer’s tear out their hair at the cold night temperatures which stunt growth, yet they’re thankful for the rain after near-drought in early spring. So what about the produce? Well, […]

Rural Paris, Rural France

I went to the Salon d’Agriculture in Paris last week, what I think may be the world’s largest “state fair”.  Thousands of farmers, sausage makers, ham-curers, honey collectors, bread bakers and more assemble at the Porte de Versailles to vaunt their wares and their regional pride to more than 700,000 people.  Perfect specimens of cattle, […]

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